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Did the rich get richer under Rogernomics? New Zealand top income shares since 1921

Apart from a bump in the late 80s, the top income earners in New Zealand really are not doing much better than they were in the 1950s or 1920s. 22 more words

Economic History

The rise of the working rich in Australia – top income compositions since 1954

Over the course of the post-war period top incomes in Australia turned into top wage earners. It is unfortunate that information is not available on the extent to which business incomes make up the balance of top incomes as distinct from dividend incomes. 7 more words

Economic History

Two stories about inequality

In many rich countries the “hard” facts describing the income distribution are easily available. Yet, discussions about inequality are animated by two different stories with very different public policy implications. 152 more words


"Inequality, Life Chances, and Public Policy," watch the presentation I made at Millersville university

I was very pleased to speak at the 2014 International Policy Conference on the theme “Inequality: Defining our Time?” held at Millersville University on November 6th and 7th, 2014. 172 more words


Why should we care about inequality? Tim Harford nails it in this Financial Times column

Tim Harford nails it in an article called “How the wealthy keep themselves on top.

I set out two reasons why we might care about inequality: an unfair process or a harmful outcome.

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Income Inequality, Equality of Opportunity, and Intergenerational Mobility

The summer issue of the Journal of Economic Perspectives will feature a collection of articles on inequality and the top 1%, some of which are now being circulated by the authors. 763 more words