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Lazy Australian top 0.1% only increased their income under @AustralianLabour

Australia’s top income earners are a lazy lot. The top 0.1% only ever had a rising income share under a Labor government in the 1980s. Even the top 1% had a pretty lean time until the 1990s. 7 more words

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% Australian top incomes from wages, salaries and pensions since 1954

Australia has had a working rich for a long time now. Australian top income earners are top wage earners. They are athletes, celebrities, business executives and in the professions. 7 more words

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NZ top income earners as lazy as ever @MaxRashbrooke @CloserTogether

Max Rashbrooke was good enough to remind us that the 2013 update of New Zealand top income shares came online a few days ago.

Is it good news that income share of the top 1% isn't growing?

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Earnings inequality at the top has slowed progress in pay equity between men and women

Nicole Fortin, a professor of economics with the University of British Columbia, addressed the 50th anniversary meeting of the Canadian Economics Association with a “state of the art” presentation on earnings inequality in top incomes and the gender pay gap, examining three questions: 711 more words