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Top Knot Hair Style and Tips to follow it

టాప్‌నాట్‌తో అదర గొట్టేద్దామా..!

టాప్‌నాట్.. వేసవిలో మహిళలు ఎంతో ఇష్టంగా ఎంచుకునే హెయిర్‌స్త్టెల్. తాజాగా కేన్స్‌లో ఎర్రతివాచీపై నీలికళ్ల సుందరి ఐశ్వర్యారాయ్ సైతం..continue

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Wood Block Project #1

So I’ve had this woodblock project post sitting in the drafts pile for a while now and I’ve been working on some new woodblock designs. So I figured I should show off my first attempt as well! 424 more words


How I do my signature top knot

Different hair styles are SO fun to me! I think hair is such a challenge. Makeup can be learned, practiced and perfected to your liking; style takes years to build, but once you know what you like and what works for you, you’re golden. 682 more words


I'm Back

Hello…it’s me.

If you read that in your Adele voice, you’re correct. All jokes aside, I’m back on the blog as they say. ( 255 more words


The Top Knot Hat. Wide-Brimmed Hats with a Twist. At the Top.

Check out Elizabeth Gordon Gullett patented invention on Kick Starter: “The Top-Knot Hat.” Be the first to have one.


Designer and entrepreneur Elizabeth Gullett dreamed up the… 217 more words


How-To: Quick Top Knot Bun

Now I know I’m not the only gal that spends about an hour or so fixing her hair all cute, then BAM humidity hits it and life is over. 268 more words


My Go-To Natural Hairstyles

Hi there.

Can I just start this by saying my buns are always skew. I can never get it centered. So let’s just ignore that! Raise your hand if your bun is always off-center. 312 more words

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