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7.11.16- The top few in each category.






PERSPECTIVE 24 more words

This weekend Nov.5 Top Notch Saturdays at Omini!! 3505 S. Monroe St.

Go ahead and break back out that homecoming outfit that that nobody saw you in and if somebody did see you then they don’t live in Tallahassee any damn way!! 69 more words

time travel

halu memang, obrolan ini membuat siang kemarin yang materi menjadi anti materi. dia bilang, manusia adalah inti dari alam semesta. boom!

jujur saja. kami saat itu tidak sedang dipayungi LSD, jamur hippy atau daun kering yang di golongkan narkotika golongan I. 102 more words


Review: Once Upon A Time - Season Six Premiere

Five years after we first meet the long-haired, blonde hero of the fairy tale-drama series “Once Upon A Time”, we discover that even she has to pay a price for being who she is: the Savior. 843 more words


A German Love and S/Ka

I was going to message myself as a reminder for two tracks I’m thinking about including in the next show, then realised I should probably just post them here. 50 more words


Another Month's Top Notch Listens (+ Radio Show Announcement!)

Is anybody out there?

I’ve been having an incredibly busy summer, holidaying, writing music, living it up with my free time. This, unfortunately, means I haven’t written much original content for this blog in a while, sorry about that. 525 more words


Turn From The Grave

If the shouty rage of Death Grips is too much for you, you may appreciate this truly excellent release from a US/Japan duo called Wep One and Timmo, available on a French-based label  80 more words