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It's Vampire Season.

1. Something strange happened to me today. I think that I am starting to feel more spiritual.
2. This does not mean that I am feeling more Religious. 183 more words



I am achieving MORE unrighteousness in the Words with Friends-friends game. I can only say I’m sorry, and offer these excuses, which are that they wouldn’t take these perfectly fine words which are good and great and are Spelt correctly. 257 more words


How to Cope with Being Accosted By Extroverts

1. Back away slowly. These are paradoxically both the oddest and most common of earthlings. They may flutter their Pom Poms in your face and begin chanting arbitrarily. 262 more words


'invasions of lace'

this morning I woke up afraid
like I have every morning.
I wondered if I was old
and reached up to feel my face
as i had for every day since the day… 133 more words


A Factual Picture of the here-sitch-now-itch.

1. lists have become popular and i am constantly comparing myself to other people. I read that such behavior is not what happy people do in a recent article posted by some extremely useful Twitter friends of mine that I haven’t met yet but who are on Austin bumper stickers Famously everywhere and generously and positively #follow-Friday lots of people. 358 more words


Best Little Rest Stop in Kansas

We just stopped at the most amazing place. We knew the minute we saw the Elf Shelf that it was special. Not to mention the moomoo cowcow wind chimes :) Scoreza!!! 115 more words