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Brother Follow Up and Other Randoms

I finally was able to bring my brother home this past Saturday evening.  They had kept him about a week past when we thought he’d go home to observe some other, new issues he was having.  1,184 more words


Seven months on T

I’ve been so negligent on the blog due to the crushing weight of real-life obligations.  Oh well, I’ll try to do better, I promise!  This month has felt pretty much the same as last month.   140 more words


Tøp of the morning to ya!

Hi there readers, if there’s anyway you could give this link a click, or a share, or possibly donate, (no pressure!!!) one of my best friends will be having tøp surgery next month, and is a bit shy on the funds. 19 more words

Medical Fears

For the first time, I can actually foresee a point where I can afford to get top surgery. I’m finally in a position where I’m able to put some money in savings, and while I can’t justify using my entire savings account as a top surgery fund (it’s also my emergency fund, my vague “planning for the future” fund, and my “get a new car” fund), thinking about how to pay for top surgery is actually something I feel equipped to do now. 431 more words

3 months after top surgery / 6 weeks back on T

Physically, I feel 100%, and I’ve felt that good for the past month – like in terms of lifting, stretching, and moving my body.  Aesthetically, I’m still not happy, but I’m starting to get used to / feel OK ( 380 more words


Summer of t-shirts #5 / Band t-shirts

I’ve been busting out some of my oldest t-shirts this summer; some of them I haven’t even looked at in years – I have them stored in a box.  431 more words


Summer of t-shirts #4 / Transgender Trailblazers

This is a series in which I highlight different shirts I am now able to wear un-self-consciously, because I had top surgery earlier this summer! 759 more words