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Drains begone!

Today was my 1 week post-op appointment and I am feeling so much better and blown away at the same time!
You guys, gals and everyone in between, I finally feel like I’m standing on solid ground. 165 more words

Before the clouds break

This will be my last journal/update before I am no longer considered Pre-Op FtM.
Hold on though, it’s going to be a long one.

I was seen and given my post-op instructions last Friday. 1,345 more words

At the Peak

It’s been a handful of days almost since my last journal and since I’m here for the ride, I thought I’d take you all along as well. 649 more words

Opening the bottle

I’m writing my thoughts down here today to try and mediate the bottled up emotional storm I’ve been holding onto since January.

I have less than 2 weeks before my scheduled surgery date and I’m sweating bullets. 300 more words

The Hospital Stay, IV

I woke up in the recovery, with a lingering sense that something bad had happened; I needed to see my uncle, but he wasn´t there. “ 414 more words


The Hospital Stay, II

I had initially planned to stay with my aunt the night before surgery. She lives in Amsterdam, and it is close to the hospital where I´d be operated. 336 more words