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Happy Manniversary / Tranniversary

Yesterday I was 3 years on T (and 2 years post op). Although I wish some things would have happened by now ( A beard and less feminine hips and thighs) I’m really glad of how far I have come. 85 more words

4.5 months after top surgery

4.5 months is an odd point – but it seems worthwhile to write now, mostly because within the last couple of weeks, sensation has been returning at a faster rate. 698 more words


Still haven't started therapy yet.

Because Kaiser can’t get their shit together and I can’t make a phone call without staring at the phone like it’s a demon risen from hell to take my soul. 46 more words


Eight months on T

As of yesterday, I’ve been on testosterone for eight months.  My belly is getting very fuzzy.  Of course that doesn’t show up in the pictures. I have to shave my face more frequently, and my stubble prickles my neck at night when I’m falling asleep.   149 more words


Things They Don't Tell You About The First Week After Top Surgery - A Personal Experience.

As most of you may know, I had top surgery September 22, 2016 with Dr. Sassani. Which means right now, I am one day shy of two weeks post op. 1,531 more words

Three Strikes?

Headaches, in general, have not been a problem for me. Muscle discomfort. PMS strife. Pain following twelve hour scoliosis surgery. All familiar. The near-migraines ( have experienced those, as well) that have plagued me in the last couple of weeks are a new and less than exciting addition to my discomfort repertoire. 740 more words

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Brother Follow Up and Other Randoms

I finally was able to bring my brother home this past Saturday evening.  They had kept him about a week past when we thought he’d go home to observe some other, new issues he was having.  1,184 more words