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2.25 Years and Counting

I saw one of those timehop photos on my Facebook page today. I look like such a baby. I’m amazed at how things have changed. 205 more words


Boob Sweat Ain't Even the Half of It

Yes, this is about my boobs again. We’re just over a month out until surgery, and I want to look back on this and remember how desperately I wanted them gone. 533 more words

Getting Rid Of My Boobs

Week 20

I’ve filled out the medical history form, sent topless photos, and paid for an evaluation by my prospective surgeon. I can’t actually schedule anything until I get a letter from my therapist though. 239 more words


I bought a bra. Don’t judge me, it was something I had to do.

My official letter for surgery and pre-surgical health questionnaire came in the post just over a week ago. 1,462 more words

Week 18

I haven’t heard anything about my name change yet. The waiting list was quite long. But I just got a form from my therapist to change my gender marker on my driver’s license. 302 more words

Becoming Male (part 1)

For FtM trans guys, one of the things that is high up on the list of wishes is to have a masculine chest. This means a “boob-free” upper anatomy. 530 more words


Transitioning (HRT Stuff): This Time Size Counts

I didn’t realize what the differences were in the most recent order of T I got and the one from before that. Obviously, the biggest difference is T is sesame oil v. 1,107 more words