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Less than one week 

Alrighty, soooooo uh, it is less than a week until top surgery and i am ready but at the same time it really does not even feel like anything is happening? 405 more words


1 week till top surgery

One week feels about right – it neither feels like it’s approaching too quickly nor like it cannot come soon enough.  I already have everything that the surgeon’s office needs turned in; my to-do list now consists of things I’m trying to think I want to get done before I won’t be able to do stuff for a while:  cut my hair, cut my spouse’s hair, cut the grass, purchase extra cat litter because I won’t be able to lift that, do laundry, install the air conditioning unit in our bedroom window…  I know my spouse can do a lot of this stuff as it needs to get done, but I guess it feels good to be getting as much out of the way now, while I can.  446 more words


It's never too late...

So, I’m not sure which quote is the proper one and since I love both versions I thought I’d share them together.

The idea of it never being too late to become who or what you were destined to be is the best way to sum up my journey as a person in this adventure called life. 547 more words


Top Surgery without T - GIC policies

There have been discussions on a number of trans groups recently with regard to Gender Identity Clinic (GIC approaches) to top surgery without testosterone for people assigned female at birth. 1,240 more words


A real boy (in the eyes of medicine)

I have officially finished transition from female to male. Yes, sans balls and stick but you know the capability of multiple orgasm balances that out for me right now. 121 more words


Chest Update - Post Nipple Resection

Post-procedure 40 days

Post-procedure 20 days

Post-procedure 20 days

Post-procedure 11 days

Post-procedure 11 days

Post-procedure 7 days

Post-procedure 4 days

Post-procedure 2 days

Pre-procedure… 272 more words


Observations Post Top Surgery

I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on the things I didn’t like about being viewed as female in public, by strangers, but very little time in regards to how I would feel being viewed as definitively male in public, by strangers.  734 more words