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Body Shame - Curse Of The Nippleless

Now I know that cishet people probably get a little fucked off by the amount I go on and on about their frustrations. If you are cisgender and heterosexual, relax this gripe isn’t with you for once. 658 more words


Breathing Deep

I take in a huge lung-full of air, puff out chest, and hold.

And release…

This is something I’ve started to do randomly, because I’ve not been breathing properly for the past one/one and a half years. 496 more words

Grand Unveiling

Today was the day where all my dressings were to come off, and they did. The things I can tell you are as follows

* Surgical dressings are the worst thing ever. 230 more words


Officially post-op!

Just writing a quick post to let you all know I finally had my top surgery this Wednesday 15th of February. The operation went well and of the little I’ve seen when the nurses changed my bandages the results look pretty good. 78 more words


Top surgery

So here I am 4 days post op surgery. I finally got the shits removed from my chest.

The surgery itself was a success. There was no complications going under or even during recovery. 138 more words


Manniversary! One Year on T.

Hard to believe that one year ago today I was getting my first T shot. Since then, so much more has happened. I’ve come out, lived as a man, had top surgery, and failed at growing a beard. 164 more words


Catch up

I’m now a keen early morning gym go’er! I get up in the pitch darkness, eat a slice of toast, do some stretches and head off and get back all whilst most of the town sleeps! 513 more words