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The Posture of Water

I need to get something off my chest

The December frost anxiety crackling through the soil of my stomach

Turning peds of clay to tight permafrost… 329 more words


3rd surgery

This week I headed off to see my surgeon to discuss top surgery revision. As normal, it was a friendly but rapid appointment. Basically:

  1. Go in room, ask what it is i’m needing/how past surgery went.
  2. 473 more words

Im on testosterone

Hey all! Sorry about the long wait for a new post!

Alot has been going down, i got a new job, i quit my old one but im back there shortly, and IM ON T! 145 more words

Female To Male

Two Months After Top Surgery

As of November 6th, I was two months on top surgery (and 20 months on T as of November 1st). This update is fabulously late but in my defense, I have had a very busy time at work. 136 more words


The Waiting is the Hardest Part...

…at least, that’s what the late, great Tom Petty said. And I trust him. Even posthumously. RIP, Tom.

Today is my husband’s 10th lifetime surgery. I’ve been with him through a good chunk of them and while waiting for him, I am always nervous but hopeful, happy that whatever was wrong will be righted. 661 more words

Top Surgery: One Month Post-op

It’s hard to imagine it’s been a month now, huh?

One month ago,  I had double incision with free nipple grafts. I got my surgery in Timonium, Maryland and my surgeon was Dr. 171 more words


Let It Be Known - I am a functional mess!

My, my, my, what a semester…

My brain has been all over the place. I don’t even know where to start. I guess I’ll start by saying, I’m really not doing very well right now. 2,150 more words

Grad School