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8 months post-op

8 months post-op: top surgery with Dr. Hugh McLean in Mississauga Ontario – http://www.mcleanclinic.com/

**Yes, I say 7 months post-op in the video. Clearly math was never my strongest subject.

Chest Dysphoria

Transitioning (HRT Stuff): One Thing Leads to Another


When I said last week that shots are easier now, I really meant it. I did shot 14 today, and from start to finish it took about 16 minutes. 527 more words


To The Boobs

Dear Boobs,

We’ve known each other for awhile, since at least fourth grade when I got my first Rugrats sports bra for basketball. But in all honesty this has gone on long enough. 383 more words


The Nipple Edition

The thermometer hit 80ºF (27ºC) in New York this week. It is T-shirt season. This is the first week I’ve been out in public wearing just one thin clingy layer. 704 more words


In A Bind- My Top Surgery Journey

By: Kofi O.

(EDITOR’S NOTE- Today we will start a new column called “My Top Surgery Journey” where I have opened my space up to my trans brothers to document their Top Surgery journey. 1,749 more words



After a period of extreme inner turmoil, I decided I could no longer bite the bullet. So I popped The Question. Not the, “Will you marry me?” one – that one I tucked under my belt many years ago. 523 more words

Gender Identity

T Rex is rearing its ugly head

“One man’s meat is another man’s poison.” I’m going to rewrite this as, “A trans woman’s electrolysis is a trans man’s beard.” 494 more words

Gender Identity