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Things I Count On

Things I Count On

  1. Fingers – From time to time, even now and probably always.
  2. Death – Despite the news about longevity and gene editing…
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The top ten in America

America has many top tens: best sandwiches, chillies, burgers, steak houses, national parks, liberal colleges, MBA programs, universities, hospitals, doctors, country music singers, best dressed actresses, states with highest income taxes and worst states for retirees. 116 more words


Mr. Malone's Top Ten Songs

Well, I’ve finally done it. I’ve finished my list of top ten songs. Ethan and I had thought about putting together a list of our top songs when we started the blog, but we decided to stick with just movies and entire albums. 2,718 more words

Heavy Metal

JFF: Top 10 Mad Scientist Songs

Long ago, I used to write little life-improvement tips from Dr. Thelonius Calico, the folksy homespun super-villain. Imagine a cross between Dr. No and Martha Stewart. 605 more words

Josef Matulich

Top ten vidya games (part whatever)

Hey it’s this topic again. But it’s been a long time, and the past year or so has been enough of a gaming watershed for me to feel excused in revisiting the thing. 1,257 more words

Pop Culture And Its Discontents

Episode 126 - Deadly Decades: Fearsome Forties

We’ve reached the 1940’s in our “Deadly Decade” series. Can you guess what some of our personal favorites are? Listen and find out!

Episode 126 – Deadly Decades: Fearsome Forties

Podcast Episode

Godzilla-thon: Top Ten Scenes from the Godzilla Series

Now that I have looked at every single Godzilla film (with the exception of the newest movie, “Godzilla: Monster Planet” but I’ll be getting to that one soon enough), and given my thoughts on each of them in extensive detail, to the point that all of my reviews would probably be the length of an entire novel, I feel like I can take the next step and do one last thing with my Godzilla-thon. 1,656 more words

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