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10 Things We're "Thankful" For at Hopkins

  1. The intersection at 33rd and North Charles

Where else can you find yourself with a walk symbol AND also a herd of impatient cars quickly coming around a turn to get you? 331 more words

Utterly Random Things For Which I Am Thankful

Water. What? Did you expect more? It’s self-explanatory, isn’t it?

The exhaust fan in my bathroom. I think this one’s pretty self-explanatory, too.

Wine. Although I wish it had less calories. 219 more words

Pilgrim Thanksgiving - Foods of the Settlers

Foods the Pilgrims Likely Ate

at the First Thanksgiving

Unfortunately, there is no actual menu for the first Thanksgiving in 1621. There is some debate, however, whether or not turkey was on the table. 1,261 more words


Can-Shaped Cranberry Sauce by Heather Novak

Happy Thanksgiving, Nights of Passion readers! 

Ignore the fact that Christopher Columbus pretty much “discovered” America because he got lost and didn’t ask for directions… 535 more words


The 13 Lies You Told Your Parents This Thanksgiving

  1. Yes, I’m having fun at school.
  2. I made friends.
  3. No, I’ve never been on the Grindr.
  4. I missed you mom!
  5. I am thinking about really committing to Pre-Med.
  6. 91 more words

Ten Moments of Zen With Jfreshly

Ten Moments of Zen with Jfreshly

  1. To look at black and white photos of naked women is pleasant.
  2. My style be like Golden Axe when the joystick’s in motion.
  3. 171 more words

Ranking Ariana Grande's Songs from My Everything

Katy Perry said it best in an interview: Ariana Grande has the best female vocal in pop music today. It’s difficult to fight such a statement, as bold as it stands. 1,333 more words

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