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10 Bizarre Deaths

Benjamin Franklin once said: “There are only 2 things in life is certain…death and taxes.”

It simply means that for as long as we live we will pay taxes whether we like it or not, and eventually everybody dies. 375 more words

Accidental Deaths

The Blessing of Disability in Marriage - Part 1

There is a lot of sadness and heaviness in our community and country this week.  I thought I would divide the post about the blessings of disability in marriage into two posts.   254 more words


Top ten things that are pissing me off right now

1. Sexist men telling me to smile-I posted this friendship anniversary thing on Facebook that showed the profile pictures of me and my girl friend.   846 more words

Donald Trump

Top 10: Things That Set Me Off/Things Not to Say to Me

Soooooooo…this month’s Top Ten post is all about how not to piss me off. These are in no particular order. They all piss me off equally. 1,217 more words

Gwendolyn Cease

My Favourite Films of 2017 (So Far)

1) Dunkirk (Director- Christopher Nolan)

2) Wonder Woman (Director- Patty Jenkins)

3) Get Out (Director- Jordan Peele)

4) War for the Planet of the Apes (Director- Matt Reeves) 30 more words


Top 10 Tuesday: A little me time

So it’s probably pretty obvious that I’m not feeling my best lately. For those who don’t follow my blog through Facebook, I decided to take a hiatus from that particular form of social media. 562 more words


Top Ten of My Favorite Villains in American Literature

There are many lists of bad guys in the greats of literature. But I noticed that most of these are from European literature. America has some of the greatest writers, so we should be able to come up with some of the best antagonists, as well. 157 more words

A Word Fitly Spoken