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Children of a Lesser God: A Bit Creepy in the Current and Modern #MeToo Moment

The Review: Children of a Lesser God

By Ross

Mark Medoff’s Children of a Lesser God is one of those plays that I should have read or seen by now, but I actually don’t know anything about it beyond the basics. 1,326 more words

Ross Says:

TV Time, Top Ten: Favorite Episodes of The Simpsons, Season Two

Here we go again: another top ten list. While the shorts for The Tracey Ullman Show introduced the world to Homer, Bart, and the rest of the Simpson clan, and Season One laid the groundwork for what the show would become, Season Two showed that The Simpsons had more potential than just a common animated sitcom. 3,818 more words

TV Time

Top 10 Reasons for Scouting and Youth Serving Agencies as a Church Ministry

  1. Outreach

    The ministry of Christ revolved around the profound concept of reaching out to others.

  2. Evangelism

    Statistics indicate that of all the youth who join scouting through the church, 25 percent are United Methodists, 25 percent are members of other denominations or faiths and 50 percent come from unchurched families.

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United Methodist Men

Global IQ Ranking - WIF Lists

The Smartest Countries

in the World

Imagine the world is a high school. You’ve got the big, jock countries like Australia, South Africa, and the USA. 2,187 more words


Best Things To Do in Singapore

If you have any form of social media then you’ve probably seen the circulating videos of Garden by the Bay located in Singapore. Those avatar-like trees grab your attention and makes you want to visit this country for that reason alone. 1,642 more words


Top 10 Things I Love Right Now

Today happens to be the two year anniversary of my first post on this blog! It doesn’t seem like that long. Two years ago I was a wee 23 year old living in the big city (just kidding, it was a suburb only pretending) with two lowish-paying jobs each pulling one of my strings apart like a mini Babybel. 1,037 more words



Finally a website to discover all of the top tens! Top tens is something that everyone researches, whether it is top 10 ten places to live in the United States, or top 10 family dogs that will be the perfect playmate and protector for your children. 31 more words