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Top Ten Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Like most polytheistic societies, the Egyptians had plenty of gods. There are at least a hundred confirmed deities (the actual number gets tricky when you consider that some gods were merged into one or others had alter egos), and they covered all aspects of life. 1,740 more words

Ancient Egypt Egyptian Myth Mythology Ra Isis Horus Osiris

California Dreaming

Interior design inspiration comes from many sources: art, nature, and certainly travel all inspire many aspects of interior design. I have been lucky enough to travel to San Francisco several times in the last few years. 191 more words

Top 10 Tips To Have An Amazing Day (Pick One) 

Let’s start with number 10.

#10: Exercise for an hour.

#9: Walk for an hour.

#8: Cook your own food.

#7: Talk with friends.

#6: Eat an apple. 26 more words


Alien Life Debate - Experts Weigh-in @ WIF

Theories on Alien Life

from Experts in

Science and Technology

One of the biggest mysteries humans face is: are we alone in the universe? Some of the greatest scientific minds in the world have thought about this question, and at more length than the scientific layman. 2,588 more words


The Top Ten Best Album Tracks by INFINITE

As a companion to my Top Ten Singles lists, it’s time to look at some of the best album tracks and b-sides from the best artists. 505 more words


Planning an Autumn wedding; 10 little touches to make your big day extra special.

©Catherine Francis

The leaves are turning amber, the chilled air carries that particular scent of bonfire smoke, and scarves are out, gloves on, socks double layered. 621 more words

Top Ten- youtubers

10. Mynameschai

9. Exploring with josh

8. Fun for Louis

7. Pewdiepie

6. Oli white

5. Joe sugg

4. Zoella

3. Shaytards

2. Pointlessblog

1.  Roman Atwood

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