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Lists and Top Tens

I’ve been wondering whether or not I should create my own top ten lists, I’ve read plenty of books and watched enough TV to do a lot of topics. 385 more words


Breastfeeding; the ten things NOBODY tells you about it.

I started my breastfeeding journey 8 short weeks ago. I was lucky enough to give birth to a
bright-eyed, brown-haired, healthy baby boy. I have two daughters, but I never nursed either one of them. 796 more words


Day sixteen: Vocaloid songs that I can't help but replay over and over again!

You know those times when you have a song stuck in your head and you keep humming it? Well today, I have ten Vocaloid songs that I can’t stop playing over and over again (so a recommendation list of Vocaloid songs.) ^^ 218 more words


Top Ten Tips For Surviving The Snowaggedon Headed Our Way

The forecasters are busy sharpening their pencils and keeping vigil over the radar to see if the blizzard of 2017 will actually happen, or actually float off to sea and forget about us plebeian Newfoundlanders. 1,156 more words


Top 10 Places I've Visited

I wouldn’t call myself a world traveler, but I’ve been to a lot of places. Mostly up and down the East Coast. Here is my top ten places I’ve visited. 594 more words

Top Ten

The Best Albums Of 1997

1997. The year yours truly graduated high school. The year of the deaths of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa. The year Bill Clinton began his second term as president. 1,420 more words


My Top Ten Favorite Kid Movies

Having an 8-year-old at my advanced age (tale end of the baby boomers) affords me the opportunity to pursue one of my guilty pleasures, watching kid movies. 971 more words

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