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10 things I hate about AA!


It’s so much fun to sit in a room full of bitter dry drunks complaining about everything they hate about life.  Go back to drinking then and save the rest of us from hearing it.  880 more words

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Top 10 Times Space Amazed Us

10. The Pillars of Creation

We’ve all seen the famous Pillars of Creation picture, but lets just see it again. It truly is an impressive photo, but the amazing this about it isn’t the picture, it’s the sheer scale of a different photo. 971 more words

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10 Women even more GORGEOUS than Angelina!

With the name Angelina Jolie flying out of everybody’s mouths for the past decade, one might forget that others even more beautiful have existed!  Don’t get me wrong, she is stunning and I wouldn’t be yelling at my parents with fury if I was born that gorgeous! 567 more words

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Top Ten: Dilemmas with REF

Here’s a summary of one of my previous blog posts on why often the REF is bad for Academia

  1. It puts too much focus on applied research, meaning conceptual and theoretical work gets devalued.
  2. 193 more words
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10 Online Dates to Avoid!

Now, I am actually not really saying DON’T DATE ONLINE.  That is how the majority of people meet these days.  Just some of these uncomfortable circumstances can be avoided if you don’t get sloppy about who you are talking to! 987 more words

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Hits of 2013: Part 1

Please note that this is a pre-written post. I have a very important announcement to make on Sunday.

10: How Ya Doin? by Little Mix… 162 more words

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Top Ten Modern #Recessional Songs

Top Ten Recessionals for the Modern Couple

@weddingmusicfr shares her top ten #recessionalsongs – with a modern twist

It’s been a while since I blogged, & I know you’ve all missed me, so as I’m starting to think about playlists for this year’s (& next year’s!) weddings, here are my Top Ten #Recessional picks to really start your wedding celebrations off with a bang. 830 more words

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