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My top 10 Drag Race Queens

So tomorrow is the season premier of what is possibly the greatest show ever made, RuPaul’s Drag Race. I only discovered this incredible reality show about three months ago but I am already on my second viewing of the first six seasons. 506 more words


Top Ten Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings Moments

Peter Jackson finally brought his middle-earth journey to an end with ‘The Battle of the Five Armies’. After 3 very successful LOTR films and three Hobbit films which got a more mixed reaction, i thought to celebrate their ‘last goodbye’ i could pick out some of my favourite moments from the two trilogies. 713 more words

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Top Ten eCommerce Development Companies - 2014

1 Konstant Infosolutions (New York, USA)

Konstant Infosolutions is a leading web and mobile solution provider that has been providing assistance to its clients since its advent in 2003. 1,198 more words

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Who cares about Old
My old is your New Review

Top Ten Most Anticipated Films of 2015

With awards season soon approaching its long-awaited close, it is time to look forward to the upcoming year in film. 2015 appears to offer a fairly significant lineup of summer blockbuster titles. 1,786 more words


Top Ten Destinations for History Lovers

1. Berlin
If you are interested in 20th Century, Cold War or World War history, then Berlin is the place for you. Berlin has recently celebrated 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, which split the city in two for almost 30 years. 584 more words


Why you should be nicer to your next customer service, retail or sales representative

  1. They’re already having a shitty day

Chances are that they’ve already been spoken down to, yelled at, mentally abused, been called something horrible and demeaned as a human being at least three times before you even walked through the front door. 501 more words