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Top Tuesday: Johto Pokemon

Now that I gone through the Kanto region, I’m currently going through the Johto region.

Last month, I told you guys my favorite Kanto Pokemon… 92 more words

Video Games

Top Ten Cult Artists - Milo

If you’ve been lucky enough to come on this glorious site multiple times, by which I mean please come on our site, you might’ve seen on our banner some pretty cool art. 1,485 more words


Top 10 Things to Do with No Internet

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of being without internet for most of Saturday. When I first went to turn on my Netflix and have no success I started to panic. 618 more words

Top Tens

Top Ten Songs Under 2 Minutes - Milo

Yep, I’m doin’ another one.

While writing my recent Top Ten Songs Over 6 Minutes post, it got me pondering, wondering and fondling; “Wow, writing this EXCELLENT article is making me think about what songs would I pick at the other end of the spectrum.” So that’s why I’m doing today, yeah? 1,202 more words


Top ten tips on writing fiction: Geoff Dyer

Writers are lonely, fragile beasts, as anything that spends its life alone and subsisting on things as flimsy as ideas are likely to be. We need as many… 663 more words


Top Ten Songs Over 6 Minutes - Milo

Another flippin’ top ten! ‘Ow ’bout that.

I listen to music fairly regularly now, and do enjoy the odd odyssey of a song from time to time, but that wasn’t always the case. 1,602 more words


Top Ten TV Shows (Redux) - Milo

Back when this website was on it’s first, wobbly, little legs, I wrote a Top Ten British Comedies, which did pretty well compared to some of other articles we posted ’round that time. 1,432 more words