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10 Movies That You Could Watch Over & Over Again Forever

*robot voice* The following listicle includes movies that can not only be watched over and over again, but can be played for viewing purpose during any occasion purely because they’re all really cool movies. 832 more words

Top Tens

10 Quotes That Will Really Get You Thinking

There’s a quote for anything and everything nowadays. Here’s the top ten quotes that we feel have made us take a moment to actually think about life… 664 more words

Top Tens

2016- #9

9. Rogue One

10.  My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Rogue One was directed by Gareth Edwards and was the first standalone Star Wars film Disney has released since adding the Star Wars rights to their gluttonous pile of money making machines.   455 more words

Movie Review

#10 - My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Ok, I’ll admit, this isn’t that spectacular a film – BUT it did really hit the spot because the weekend before, I saw the worst movie of 2016, which I talk about… 352 more words

Top Ten Remakes of the New Millennium

Tom Cruise’s The Mummy, (read our full review here) not is only the freshman film in Universal’s new “Dark Universe”, but also a remake of Brendan Fraser’s 1999 film  1,255 more words

Death Race

Alien Franchise Ranked

1. Alien 10/10

2. Aliens 10/10

3. Alien: Covenant 8/10

4. Prometheus 7/10

5. Alien 3 6/10

6. Alien versus Predator 6/10

7. Alien Resurrection 5/10

8. AVP: Requiem 5/10


My favourite bands and artists

Here’s my favourite bands and artists right now. Also, I’d like to say thanks so much for 20 subs, which I reached this morning. Anyway, let’s get started. 395 more words