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10 Excellent ginger actors

In the past I have highlighted my favourite blue eyed actors and my favourite brown eyed actors but this time I am going a bit more controversial with m y favourite red-headed actors. 561 more words


Top Ten TV Shows

I really wish there was a word for “shows” that started with a T….. All aboard the alliteration station!

Anyway, here’s the deal: I can’t stop watching Cutthroat Kitchen. 1,810 more words

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Top Ten Best Netflix Indie Movies

Okay, I feel excessively guilty for bashing Netflix indie movies yesterday. Because I love Netflix indie movies. So today I will make restitution in the form of giving you a list of the top ten best indie movies I have found on Netflix. 1,523 more words


Top Ten Worst Movies

So, I am a big big fan of watching movies that I randomly find on Netflix without even really reading the summary. This has led to some fantastic amazing finds (maybe I’ll write about those tomorrow), and it has led to some… well… less than amazing finds. 1,591 more words


Top Ten Romantic Comedies

I would like to emphasize the word comedies. Oftentimes when one says “rom coms” they like to lump it with “chick flicks,” which includes romantic dramas and girly movies that are not romantic, think Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which, while it does have some romance is not a… 1,840 more words


Hot and Dangerous (Top Ten Ke$ha Songs)

I think I do too many of these top ten lists.

But whatever, top ten Ke$ha songs! I looooooooove Ke$ha! Where has she been lately? What is that girl up to? 599 more words

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What? You Don't Get Down with Rap?

10 points to whoever can name that quote.

Most people who know me would have no clue that I listen to rap. I don’t send off that listens-to-rap vibe, and granted, I don’t listen ┬áto rap all the time, probably not even the majority of the time, but I definitely listen to it. 1,068 more words

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