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9th Best Restaurant in the World

While in Vienna I made sure to drop by Steirereck this place is 9th on the Michelin guide. If you are anything like me. I have started to become accustomed to trying the best food where every I visit. 585 more words

Ranking the top 10 Assassin's creed games

The Assassin’s creed series of games has been applauded for their story line, gameplay and everything in general from time to time. Whether it be Italy or the West Indies assassin’s creed has done it. 1,317 more words

My Top 10 Favorite Indy Christian Artists

So, recently, in say the past year or two, I have felt more and more convicted to monitor my music choices. Not that I ever listened to music that bad, but I never really thought about making sure my music library was a reflection of my relationship with Christ. 202 more words


Another 10 favorite Kpop songs

Warning: if you do not like Kpop, then don’t read ahead ^^ And wait for another post.
I have some more old and a few new songs I liked and couldn’t fit into the last post because it was already pretty long. 105 more words


Top 10 Playlist

Okay guys who doesn’t love finding new music? I mean, it’s probably one of the best feelings when you’re jamming in the car and your friend plays a new song that’s the shit, and you listen to it on repeat for the next week.. 89 more words


What I Love About Summer

Living in the northern half of the United States gives one a great appreciation for the warm feeling of the sun in the summer.  Here are my top 10 favorite things about summer. 125 more words


10 Streets to feed in Hong Kong

There is no doubt Hong Kong is the food capital of the World. In terms of international food, food trends, bizarre eaters, luxury dining, name it and you will find it there. 96 more words