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Test Your Knowledge: The Role of the Kidney in Disorders of Volume

A recent AJKD Core Curriculum by Danziger and Hoenig reviewed the role of the kidney in volume regulation. Test your knowledge on this important topic. 892 more words


Trying to Reduce the Uncertainty Surrounding Phosphorus Binders 

I would wager that pound-for-pound, there is no drug with less solid outcome-based data than phosphorus binders. We are aware that phosphorus binders do an acceptable job of lowering the serum phosphorus in the face of kidney failure. 913 more words


NephMadness 2016: KDIGO Talks COI

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Researching and writing the missteps section on normalization of hemoglobin, Joel Topf couldn’t avoid the feeling that the KDOQI guidelines played more than an insignificant role in that misstep. 983 more words


How to Flip the Classroom with NephMadness

NephMadness in Training

One of the angles that we are trying to push with nephmadness this year is getting residencies and fellowships to participate. This is a great opportunity for a flipped classroom experience. 560 more words


NephMadness 2016: Let the Madness Begin

What is NephMadness?

NephMadness is an homage to the NCAA Basketball Tournament, March Madness, but while the basketball tournament seeds the top ranked basketball teams, we use some of the most important, newest, and controversial concepts in nephrology. 811 more words


NephMadness 2016: Missteps in Nephrology Region

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We like to think that medical progress flows in one direction, like a river. 3,834 more words


NephMadness 2016: Why We Do This

Today is World Kidney Day. The day on the calendar when we are supposed to spend some time thinking about our kidneys. Well, the team at AJKD blog never stops thinking about kidneys. 750 more words