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Feminism: One Reason to Love Avatar: The Last Airbender

You have to watch Avatar the Last Airbender.

I know, I know, anime scares you. You’re afraid you’ll be labeled a super-dork if you watch it, but trust me. 726 more words

Top Five Avatar Characters: The female addition

So I did my top five males of ATLA and now it’s time for the females. Avatar is great for having strong female characters, in fact, I don’t think there’s one female character who wasn’t strong. 1,327 more words


Thanks to Oceanside Library!

Had a blast chatting with Tony Iovino last night at Oceanside Library. Got a great opportunity to talk about comics, storytelling and community with someone who is providing a wealth of services to his neighborhood. 171 more words

The Papercut Kids

Avatar the Last Airbender Bookmark Set 1

The Avatar bookmarks are done! Though I ended up having to quickly redo a little when I resized to save the JPEG and promptly saved over the PSD file without noticing until I closed it… Thank god I used mostly vectors so only a little needed to be fixed. 14 more words

Digital Art

#4 Toph: Top Ten Hardest-hitting Female Heroes

Continuing our series on the Hardest-hitting Female Heroes of all time, we have Toph Beifong at #4.

Toph is an earthbender in the television series Avatar: the Last Airbender. 236 more words


The Amazing Women of Avatar: The Last Airbender

Light spoilers ahead!

I recently watched the entire Avatar: The Last Airbender series for the first time, after years of people telling me I would love it.

1,003 more words

Kumoricon 2015

Hey all. On Saturday I was at Kumoricon. As you may already know, my sister cosplayed as Toph for Avatar.

It was amazing.

First of, everyone was super nice. 315 more words