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Well Played, Witcher 3

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Cosplay by Toph & Andrew | Photo by Milligan

Just when you thought Witcher 3 cosplay couldn’t get any better, along comes a recreation of some of the game’s best fan art, … 49 more words


Avatar: The Last Airbender Is One Of The Greatest TV Shows Of All Time

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When people talk about the current golden age of TV, they’re usually referring to big, serious dramas like Breaking Bad or The Wire. 4,157 more words


Avatar: The Last Airbender Girls

I’m a massive fan of ATLA, and I’m currently on my 3rd rewatch of the show. I will be discussing my favorite strong female characters in this TV show, simply because I love them. 191 more words


Write like an Earthbender!

I have my fair share of abandoned blogs out there in the ‘verse. NaNoWriMo is the reason why.

National Novel Writing Month: 30 days, 50,000 words, and a whole lot of broken dreams. 277 more words



So League of Legends has put out a new champion. Taliyah. She is an earth bender and weaver who is young and still learning about her powers. 23 more words

League Of Legends