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Toph vs Gaara

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Suggested by Eric Toph is pretty good at manipulating the sand and the ground around him. He’s an adept fighter who only got better as the series progressed while Gaara’s abilities stalled once Shippuden hit. 71 more words


Ep 37: Avatar: The Last Podbender

All three of our hosts, Matthew, Jacob, and Paul, come together to talk about Avatar: The Last Airbender. We take a deep dive into a number of characters, including Aang, Toph, and Uncle Iroh, examine the way the show  portrayed martial arts and alternatives to violence, and talk about why this show is beloved by so many. 72 more words

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The Ultimate Squad

So, it’s my turn (Carrot) to bring the team together for this week’s post. I have been wondering what the ultimate climbing crew would be, and so I asked Gaia and Sarah to join me in making the ultimate climbing squad, with the only caveat being that our squad members have to be cartoon characters. 412 more words

Dear Toph,

Note: This is part of my letters series where I write letters. They’re almost always to fictional characters or concepts, not so much real people. (I have to admit that this is one of my least favorites that I’ve written.) 208 more words


18 Characters we would love to see in a Legend of Korra film #FancastFriday

When Nickalodeon’s hit series Avatar the Last Airbender had its series finale in July of 2008, many fans of the series were honored with a finale that gave the series the perfect farewell, but we were left with an empty space. 4,079 more words