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  • Life,life has a lot ups and down.sometime we feel disturb and stress. We can’t find inspiration or motivation in life. Somewhere sometime we need a little inspiration.
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Using Filtered Subscriptions with Azure Service Bus Topics

Download Complete Project: AzureTopicSubscriptionfilters

Azure Service Bus topics allow multiple subscribers to receive the same messages. So if we post an OrderDetails message to a topic, then one subscriber might send an order confirmation email, while another subscriber to the same event might handle payments. 1,325 more words

I am Warrior Homework

The children in 4RW have been super busy completing their homework projects.

Look at these incredible long boats!

4RW, what materials were long boats made from? 15 more words


Scottish Dancing

In the nursery we have been focusing on Scottish traditions. We have been introducing the children to lots of traditions including today a local highland dance teacher came in and gave the children a sample lessons. The children looked ‘Braw’.


Microsoft Azure: Service Bus Topic & Subscription With Default Filtering Rule.

Download complete project : AzureTopicSubscription

In contrast to queues, in which each message is processed by a single consumer,topics and subscriptions provide a one-to-many form of communication, in publish and subscribe pattern. 1,308 more words

What is it made from?

We have started our topic on materials. Here the children are looking at different objects around the school and deciding what each one is made from.