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Poetry topic idea: temperature

Today’s poetry topic idea is temperature.  There are a lot of ways a poet can use ideas from temperature in poetry.

  • What the temperature is in a certain place depends on a number of factors at the time the temperature is taken.
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WordPress Community

We are writers, bloggers, story tellers and more but is there a way to become more of a Community?

Happy group

Some of us have become more than followers and friends some feel like a family we have around the world. 142 more words

To Blog or Not to Blog...

Do you get confused with all the blogging advice out there? I sure do, some “so called” experts telling you how to make your little space on the web popular. 250 more words


Editor's Roundtable: Smiles, Lies, and Promise (Podcast)

On our August 2, 2019 roundtable episode of the Longreads Podcast, Audience Editor Catherine Cusick, Essays Editor Sari Botton, and Contributing Editor… 94 more words

Editor's Pick

New at DIY MFA: Identifying Literary Themes in Our Poems

When my previous DIY MFA post went live, I might have mentioned it was the first of two posts I’d write about literary themes and poetry. 124 more words


Games for Lovers

Games for Lovers is an almost immersive production at The Vaults theatre in the heart of Waterloo. Almost immersive because it almost feels as if the characters are speaking to you. 207 more words


Travel Topic #40 (Colonialism)

  1. Overall, do you think colonialism was “mostly good” or “mostly bad” for those territories and peoples being colonized?
  2. In general, in what ways was it good?
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Travel Question