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Water Conservation with Severn Trent Water

On Thursday, Ospreys were visited by Maxine from Severn Trent Water. We learned about how all water is recycled, cleaned and reused. We looked at different ways in which household water can be needlessly wasted, and also considered ways in which water could be better conserved in the home, having fun measuring out wasted water as part of the activity. 18 more words

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Duisburg Philharmonic creates micro people world for season brochure 2019-20

The Duisburg Philharmonic has got eye catching photos for the 2019-20 season brochure. Micro people are climbing instruments, hang out on a piano keyboard play soccer on a drum or find themselves on a timpani. 11 more words


Butterflies on Display

In our Art lesson this week, we studied images of different species of butterfly, looking closely at the intricate patterns and marking on their wings, before having a go at creating a careful pencil sketch. 108 more words

Other Fun Stuff We Get Up To...

Teaching the rising millenials

BANYAK mitos tentang kaum milenial Indonesia. Tidak sedikit yang meragukan soal semangat dan keberpihakan generasi ini untuk menyuarakan orang-orang lemah. Sebagian kalangan mencibir kaum ini yang teramat asyik dalam dunia maya. 63 more words


12 outstanding ways to grow as a writer

Writing  is a hobby ,a job,  a way to express  ideas.

However there is no rule axed in stone as to how it has to be done . 2,676 more words

First brick first

We looked at how to authenticate an Ecobrick once completed and, apart from a little hiccup, we are proud to share our first foray into helping reduce plastic waste on the Earth.