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Where the Leading Presidential Candidates Stand On Abortion

As the list of Presidential hopefuls begins to condense, it is important for all potential voters to begin taking a closer look at the moral views held by the leading candidates. 1,344 more words


Climate Change

All the pus is seeping now.
The merry baron’s bleating now.
No safe house in my land now.
Sharp turn for hades I fear.

2006, October


Planned Profiting

Undercover videos expose abortionists selling body parts.

-Samantha Balmforth-

On September 9, 2015, the United States Congress undertook its first hearing to determine whether or not the American government should continue to fund women’s “health” and abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. 1,249 more words


Bicycle Mentoring

When I was in college I had a sweet older woman in the faith who did life with me. She would edit my papers and help me study for exams. 712 more words


Husband to a Youngliving Wife

Yes I am a husband and also a father.  My wife throughout the last year has been educating herself on essential oils.  I was very skeptical, but was supportive of her belief in the importance of them.  389 more words


"But I Don't Have To Go Church"

“But I don’t have to go to church to be a Christian”

How many times have we heard this over and over from friends and family who refuse to go to church or join a local fellowship? 895 more words


Inclined to Agree

Civil engineers have a very specific way of measuring the incline of a road that’s on a hill. That is unless it is a winding back road. 6 more words

One Liners