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No . Means . No

So , I know that my first post was fab and light humored (waits for applause and free naggins) , but this one wont be as light… *cue ominous music* . 1,037 more words

New Sheer Shimmer Spritz Applications

Our friend Charlotte Carpentier, a Certified Zentangle Teacher and store owner in Southern California, shared with us this great way to use Sheer Shimmer Spritz with Zenstone. 387 more words


Body shaming is never right.

Have you heard about the playboy model who recently snapchatted a picture of herself in the gym, with a naked woman in the background? did you see the caption on the picture that went along the lines of ‘If I can’t unsee this neither can you?’. 382 more words


Has Black Lives Matter Made Progress?

It was depressing to see Charles Kinsey, a therapist trying to calm and console a patient with autism getting shot. It’s just so revealing of where things are at that it was a more a relief than anything else.

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Tax deductibility of corporate interest expense: consultation document

Tax deductibility of corporate interest expense: consultation on detailed policy design and implementation.

The UK government announced that new rules on interest deductibility will be introduced from April 2017 in line with the recommendations set out in the OECD report and taking into account the responses to the initial consultation that closed in January 2016. 34 more words


The tax deductibility of corporate interest expense

This is a short presentation to tell you about the UK Government’s consultations on the tax deductibility of corporate expense, BEPS Action 4.

The deadline for responses to the 46 questions raised in the Consultation Document is 4th August 2016, so check this out and get your response in soon if you want your views included.

The presentation is here (YouTube)