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Australia Left at the Altar on Marriage Equality

When it comes to human rights, Australia (while not without it’s own chequered past) used to be able to hold it’s head high when compared with the ‘leaders of the free world’, the USA. 290 more words


Love Wins, Always

Hello there,

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the wonderful news that the American Supreme Court has made same-sex marriage legal in ALL 50 states, which is a  161 more words


The Irreversible Reality of Time

Since when did time start speeding up?

For years the years seem to have been passing by more rapidly than the last.  As a child, I remember adults commenting on how quickly I had grown, and how time was flying, but never really got it. 829 more words


Smartwatches are worse for driver distraction than smartphones

Tests have shown that using a smartwatch while driving is more dangerous than using a smartphone.

Tests were conducted with an unspecified smartwatch, and was not a full-scale study, but earlier studies have shown that even talking with someone hands free is more distracting that holding a conversation with someone in the car. 270 more words


Thousands of motorists avoid Irish penalty points

Thousands of Irish motorists have avoided penalty points for driving offences because they failed to produce their licences in court.

Last year alone, more than 21,000 were convicted of a penalty point offence, but only 8,059 licences were recorded on the Criminal Case Tracking System. 394 more words


Six Ways It Still Is Finished

When Jesus said, “It is finished” at the climax of scripture itself in John 19:30, he meant what he said. He meant Tetelestai. Tetelestai is a Greek word that would be used on debts in the days of Christ. 1,880 more words


Beer, and Other Drugs

Hello again internet, I’m back to bore you on silly subjects that aren’t easily related to. I promise not to be so soppy this week, last week I got a bit carried away because its something that, even though it will never die, I don’t want to see it go! 524 more words