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Cinnamon, August and Disappointing Your Family.

My dear friend and patient reader, how I have missed your beautiful face and, dare I say, bodacious hind quarters!

I very much hope that you are well and good and enjoying the approach of the best and spookiest season of the year because I sure as shit am. 817 more words


Morning Dew and the Birds in the Gutter

I find this depressive darkness like morning dew come too early sings of the cluttered clamor of the noise outside my window: people in cars further down the road, cars full of lovers, understanding, something beautiful that belongs—that is owned. 353 more words


3 Things Parents in Ministry Do Wrong

1. Saying I “have to” go.

The phone rings and you realize it is a situation that you must respond to immediately. You grab your wallet, keys and quickly tell your family that you “have to” go because someone in the church needs you. 767 more words


mad world

For me, the most ironic token of that moment in history is the plaque signed by President Richard M. Nixon that Apollo 11 took to the moon. 52 more words


Iceberg Communication

They say 90% of an iceberg is under the water, where you can’t see it.

This means, quite simply, that only 10% of the iceberg is visible. 1,042 more words


The Joy of the Lord is my Strength: Nehemiah 8:10

I have wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember. So, after saying “I do” 18 years ago, Jeff and I were ready to start a family. 1,187 more words