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And predictably, there’s now some push-back from some hunting and even some conservation groups to (mildly) support Walter Palmer, the dentist from Minnesota who killed Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe.   348 more words


Editor's Introduction: Global OTC Analgesics

Recovery in US OTC analgesics typifies the trend in the wider global market

Sales of OTC analgesics in the US continued their recovery in the year to Q1 2015, with healthy growth of +4.6%. 331 more words

Over The Counter

9 Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blends

One of the most convenient ways to use essential oils is by rolling them on. Sounds a little strange but it’s the same concept as a perfume roller bottle, except with essential oils. 647 more words

The UK First Tier Tribunal finds for HMRC on a Transfer Pricing point

Abbey National Treasury Services Plc (ANTS) v HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)

UKFTT 341 (14 July 2015)

This was an avoidance scheme, known as the Umbriel scheme, and involved UK-UK transfer pricing. 458 more words

Transfer Pricing

Corporation tax: restriction of CT relief for business goodwill amortisation

The July Budget removed corporation tax (CT) relief for companies who write off the cost of purchased goodwill and certain customer related intangible assets. Relief will still be available if the goodwill is sold. 39 more words


Queensland Parliament says no to ‘queer’ sex on website but Pyne says it’s fine for primary school children

Information from ACL Media Release 23-7-15

Teaching about ‘queer’ sex to primary school students is fine but the Clerk of the Queensland Parliament has banned ‘Safe Schools’ material from parliament’s e-petition website. 391 more words


HMRC United 4 Menda City 1 : City's lacklustre defence no match for the United attack.'

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has defeated an artificial tax avoidance scheme involving the Brain Disorders Research Limited Partnership and Neil Hockin (one of the partners), after the First-Tier Tribunal ruled against the users’ attempts to claim £29 million in tax relief. 370 more words