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Technological disadvantage!

Why does the government complain about missing jobs, when they allow machine’s to replace us?

First off let’s talk about the advantages new technology is currently indulging us with: 421 more words


Do you dare to live?

Not long ago, I swore an oath to myself. Or… at least I said to myself:

Andy! In whatever aspect of life I currently find myself in, you must do everything to always seek new ways of doing things. 686 more words


Andy on God - A Realistic View

I do believe in a greater something, yes. But I’m definitely not religious, nor an atheist.

I believe in Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed as much as I believe in Attila the Hun, Caesar and Alexander the Great – simply because of years and years of research. 887 more words


Why do we like Death more than Amor?

Why do we enjoy watching hundreds and thousands in especially the news? Why do we have such a need of watching people die? Maybe we don’t fully  428 more words


Is Reality-Tv our source of Inspiration?

As for inspiration, my generation has totally lost the spark. We sit in front of any screen and expect that entertainment comes flowing on our premises. 838 more words


Inspiration vs self-promotion!

At my 16-year old age, I hear time and again comments like this: “it was me who found it” or: “ey dude, you’re a wannabe.” Some of my friends are even afraid to ask if they can mimic some of the contrivance that  629 more words


Positive nomatter what!

First of all I believe that a positive attitude is always to be preferred – in every situation. Secondly I believe that there is something positive to… 445 more words