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The Earth Hour Lies!

The St Marys City Council once again became involved with another issue that makes the city look bad and wastes valuable city time. At last night’s city council meeting the city along with other county governmental bodies and local St Marys Earthkeepers passed a proclamation in support of Earth Hour. 740 more words

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Eco-Loony-Toon Propaganda

Once again the St Marys City Council spent close to 8 hours discussing the topic of Seismic Air Gun Testing off of the Atlantic Coast instead of discussing what could be done to bring new businesses to our community.   328 more words

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Please Welcome Our Newest Admin!

Although you’ve been reading his terrifically informative articles for over a week now, I’d like to take this time to welcome our newest admin and writer, LetsplaynintendoITA!! 439 more words

Happy New Year from Topix!!

I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of our friends, family, readers and insanely addicted Tappers all over the world a very Happy New Year! 249 more words

Takoyaki Takeaway(s), 29/11/2014 - Japan data impressions

So yesterday saw the release of a lot of Japanese data to close out the month, and I think I will summarize the month a little bit later, given that it… 1,424 more words

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Lunch greens, 21/11/2014 - Japan derivatives development

Awesome! Bloomberg reports that we’re getting futures contracts on the JPX Nikkei Index 400 as early as Tuesday next week!

This will very likely go a long way towards making it a more traded index, with greater pricing power and greater ability to capture overnight sentiments. 848 more words

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Thanksgiving 2014 is here

Thanksgiving is here in springfield and with it comes a new skin for Ned, a member of the Bouvier family that has been long requested by the community, some new items and some old ones to help newer players catch up.   38 more words