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Free the Nipple (2014)

D: Lina Esco / 79m

Cast: Lina Esco, Lola Kirke, Casey LeBow, Monique Coleman, Griffin Newman, Zach Grenier, Jen Ponton, Sarabeth Stroller, Janeane Garofalo

Originally filmed in 2012, … 1,315 more words


Colorado college town retains ban on topless women

Fort Collins, a college town in Northern Colorado has decided to uphold its ban against topless women, despite a growing movement looking to get rid of the indecency code. 184 more words

Human And Civil Rights

After Residents Speak Out, Fort Collins Votes Down Allowing Women To Go Topless In Public

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4/AP) – The discussion on whether or not to allow women to go topless in public took center stage at Fort Collins City Hall Tuesday night. 515 more words


Fort Collins City Council Declines To Strip Down Public Nudity Rules

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) – Fort Collins decided not to strip down its rules on public nudity Tuesday evening.

The city council considered whether women going topless should be allowed in city limits. 161 more words


Topless In Public? Fort Collins Wants Your Opinion

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4)– The City of Fort Collins wants to know what you think about women going topless and whether it should be allowed in city limits. 142 more words


Women Go Topless In NYC: Should This Be Illegal?

Should women be allowed to go topless in public?

According to HuffPost, New York City Time Square residents are speaking out about the controversy towards women being topless in public. 49 more words


Afternoon Bulletin: Nail Salons Sue Cuomo, Baruch Students Face Murder Charges and More

Governor Cuomo will likely be facing a suit from New York nail salons over a new requirement for the salons to purchase wage bonds. The Korean American Nail Salon Association of New York and the Chinese Nail Salon Association of East America will bring the suit to courts claiming that the regulation is discriminatory to Asian salons, especially those with female owners. 363 more words

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