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Go Topless!

From The GoTopless Timeline:

“During the 15th century and up to the Renaissance, going topless was not uncommon for women. Showing their legs and ankles was more risque then.” Sounds like we are making forward and backwards progress. 254 more words


Monoblog: Monologue Jokes 4/22

Folks, some days Steven and I are really fucking busy. But we still write! Here is what we were able to scrounge up.

1. Lindsay Lohan accidentally called her “fans” donkeys in Arabic today, which means she actually didn’t call anyone a donkey at all. 116 more words

Charlie Sheen Once Had Jon Cryer Hide His Porn Stash From Denise Richards

Jon Cryer’s new memoir, So That Happened just hit shelves today. Aside from stories about vagina photos and failed threesomes, Cryer discusses that one time  239 more words


A year I lived on Yap Micronesia

When I was in college I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, I was studying education at the time. I had the opportunity to travel to Yap, Micronesia for 10 months to teach high school English and see if it was for me. 261 more words


Jovan's proposed constitutional amendment

Equality Amendment proposal

Section 1:

Under no circumstances whatsoever shall the Federal government, the States, counties and towns/cities deny any America citizen of his or her protected Constitutional rights due to gender; sexual orientation; gender identity; disability or lack thereof; lifestyle; occupation; or personal belief. 194 more words


A Real Estate Drone Accidentally Captured A Topless Woman Sunbathing In A Thong

South Park warned us about the dangers of drone technology and how it would eventually lead to serious invasions of privacy. But did we listen? 218 more words

Web Culture

Does anyone really believe that Keira Knightley posed topless to make a feminist statement?

My latest blog post for the Los Angeles Times:

Baring one’s breasts to make a statement is all the rage these days. Comedian Chelsea Handler posted a photo on Instagram of her topless self astride a horse to make the point that if Vladimir Putin can ride shirtless, so can she.

192 more words

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