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Topo Align App

While browsing through a Revit Forum post, I noticed that someone mentioned an app that could align Topo to Slab Edges. A quick search on the Autodesk Exchange turned up the… 322 more words


Revit Topography from 2D surveys? Surely not....

How to create a topography object in Revit Architecture when the only survey information is a 2D survey?

Well, follow these steps with the help of the Revit fairy: 519 more words


Topography 1

This is a new series, I’m not sure yet where it will go. I was looking through my Flat Life series and for some time have thought about creating a similar series using self portraits doing things in close up. 18 more words


Guido Guidi: Veramente

Veramente is a comprehensive overview of Italian photographer Guido Guidi’s oeuvre. It was published in conjunction with his exhibition at the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson in 2014. 180 more words


প্রত্নতত্ত্বের ভাষায় মাটি ও এর গঠনে প্রভাবকসমুহ

মাটি শব্দের ইংরেজি প্রতিশব্দ “soil” এসেছে ল্যাটিন  “solum” থেকে যার অর্থ  “floor” বা মেঝে। মাটি হল জৈবক্রিয়া ও আওবহিক বিকারের ফলে সৃষ্ট রুপশিলা, খনিজ ও জৈব পদার্থের সংমিশ্রণ । 62 more words


April Showers: How Rains Can Affect Your Fishing

The old adage states that the above-mentioned showers bring May’s flowers, and while true, they can also bring a host of changes to subsequent fishing trips. 677 more words


Into the Sunset. Photography's Image of the American West

Into the Sunset examines how photography has pictured, established, and transformed the image of the American West, from 1850 to the present. It was published to accompany a major exhibition at the The Museum of Modern Art in 2009. 114 more words