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I passed a field the other day,

That in summer’s past

Had always been in hay.

And there I saw it laid open wide… 93 more words


Navigation: Cousins of Triangulation

Here is a method for determining your location relative to two or more landmarks. Lines-of-sight from your (unknown) location to two or more known locations fix where you are on the map at the point where the lines-of-sight cross. 221 more words


Landscape- Exercise 2:3- Typologies

To begin with, we had to read Sean O’Hagan’s article entitled New Topographics: photographs that find beauty in the banal and watch a video of Lewis Baltz discussing his work. 299 more words


Blue Mountains In the Distance- Ideas and Color Inspiration

Spring is fading itself into Summer and i’m caught up between the urge to go traipse through foothills and sketch sketch sketch and being a realist and realizing the actual mountain i’m going to be climbing next month when me and the bf move into our new house. 111 more words


Playing with Shadows (Wire)

I’ve been experimenting lately with the use of shadows in my work, using “drawings”┬áthat i have made from wire and lichen – materials which allow light to stream through their negative spaces to create interesting effects. 430 more words

Intersections And Articulations