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How Far Will You Drive?

Today I am hitting the highway for some weekend Shinyribs dates.  Being in a band one thinks nothing about driving to get somewhere unless maybe it happens to be over 10 hours.   379 more words


Drone Vision

To see yet remain hidden is the ethos of military strategy throughout history. To maintain a panopticon view of everything and everyone around you remaining hidden and therefore safe from harm is a tactic as old as modern warfare. 648 more words


The Strange Beauty of the Industrial landscape

Industrial Scars.

Landscapes blighted by industry nevertheless have strange beauty. This image was taken early on a summer morning as the sun rises over Porthilly

Capturing Moments In Time



Above is the link to my topography, integrated with a little artifact curating. The scrollbars can be used to navigate the map. In the upper left corner + and – can be used for magnification as needed. 148 more words




Among other preoccupations, I came to Kyoto to try to write about CGI rendering. This process, fundamental to all 3D animation (as well as some medical visualization technologies), involves mapping shadow, color, and texture gradients to 3D images constructed from polygons. 1,011 more words

Eye Rubbing as a Possible Cause of Clinical Progressive Keratoconus in a Forme Fruste Keratoconic Family

Read  full  paper  at:www.scirp.org/journal/PaperInformation.aspx?PaperID=53971#.VN2sSizQrzE

We report a case of a 21-year-old male patient who underwent corneal cross-linking (CXL) due to bilateral progressive keratoconus. Topographical screening of his family members was performed for the detection of possible familial keratoconus and showed abnormal topographical patterns resembling to Forme Fruste Keratoconus (FFK) in all the members of his family. 297 more words

The Revolting Yet Logical Physics Behind Ingrown Toenails

Perfect lunch reading :D

File under “Ewwwww … but good to know:” physics are partially to blame for ingrown toenails. They also have a hand in determining why ingrowns tend to only affect the big toe … and why certain folks (teens, pregnant women) are more susceptible to getting them.

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