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Land Topography

If we couldn’t put our whole house on one level then could we do a walk-out basement instead? If you have a nice natural hillside then a walk-out basement is entirely possible and can look quite nice as the house appears tucked into the hill and protected by the slope. 414 more words


"A way down to Pomona": cartography.

It is frustrating when the task that you really want to undertake is either cost-restrictive (time and money) or beyond your ken. Following on from yesterday’s post on Pomona… 1,222 more words


Topographical Introversion

I’m about as introverted as a person can be without curling into a little ball and crawling back inside my mother’s womb. I love to read. 174 more words


Archeology of Trauma

Work in progress // Tireless pursuit // Archeology of Trauma over the boundaries of topography, corrosion and the sublime.

“For Death must be somewhere in a society; if it is no longer (or less intensely) in religion, it must be elsewhere; perhaps in this image which produces Death while trying to preserve life.”

—Roland Barthes. Camera Lucida