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First Road Trip: A Journey to East Fjords

Day 1: Touring the South Shore

I feel like I have seen so much in the day that we have spent driving up to Stafafell Farm from Reykjavik, that I hardly know where to begin. 1,677 more words


Overlooking Faxaflói Bay

Reykjavik, May 2015

Thank goodness that I have found a pen. I cannot see this and not write, the beauty is almost beyond belief. I have just been reading Nan Hudson’s talk of Scottish ‘glamourie’ and ‘witcherie’ – yet here it is before me now. 268 more words


Friday Night

Miklabraut, Reykjavik

It is past eleven o’ clock at night. A heavy snow storm just blew over Reykjavik and the whole of Southern Iceland, coating everything that lies outside in a layer of snow at least 6 inches deep. 241 more words


The First Expedition

The Varme River, 12.03.2015

The need to get out of Reykjavik to touch or graze momentarily upon those far-away mountains that tantalize the eyes from almost any vantage point from the city, was brimming up within me to a point of becoming almost unbearable. 1,509 more words


A View Over Modern Reykjavik

April 2015, Kex Hostel, Reykjavik

I have arrived at a futuristic snow city; a vision of life after the apocalypse when the human species has been re-homed on another planet. 174 more words


Iceland: A Fragmentary Approach

 Again a driver

Pulls on his gloves and in a blinding snowstorm starts

Upon his deadly journey: again some writer

Runs howling to his art.

1,205 more words

Letters from Iceland

So I left with his blessing, that’s what happened. He had been to Iceland before. If I was a writer I would want to see that he told me. 646 more words