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Vibha Galhotra : Absur - City - Pity - Dity

con·cep·tu·al art


art in which the idea presented by the artist is considered more important than the finished product, if there is one.

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Topo Slope Analysis

Since Dynamo provides access to the API, it can be quite useful in automating certain processes, such as placing, sizing, and rotating plants. But it can also be utilized as an analysis tool. 249 more words

How To

Topographical diversions

Of course, books aren’t the only things that we can read. Anything with written or printed words count, naturally, but if you are musically literate you’ll also be familiar with notation, the ‘dots’ that singers and instrumentalists can transform into sounds as much as letters do for speech. 905 more words


Interview with Cristina

A wide range of thoughts on pilgrimage, from the way space creates thought, to an Australian nun’s summons to a new field.

The Ice Mountains- Topography Study With Colored Pencils

Mountains are never far from my mind even if my wanderlust for them has faded a bit….these days I find myself dreaming about sandy beaches with palm trees swaying in a warm breeze that smells of freshly cut open coconuts and the sound of sun warmed water just a sigh away, an unending stack of books just besides me waiting to be picked up.



Portraits Drawn on Maps and Star Charts

English artist Ed Fairburn uses vintage road maps and star charts as canvases for drawn portraits. Cross-hatched patterns and shaded regions inside roads, borders, and rivers assimilate into the contours of faces, as if the images had always been secretly hidden in the map’s topography. 39 more words