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Art isn't just some guy's name

We watched two fairly recent films in a row — I know, shocking, right?

MR. TURNER suddenly became the film everybody in Britain had to see, and our local Filmhouse did a roaring trade. 902 more words


What a Topsy Turvy World We've Come To

Heaven’s to Betsy would you look how long I’ve been away! I’ve had time to go around the world and back again. Wouldn’t it be nice if I had done that? 728 more words


Lament of a pretty woman

Before the age of arctic monkey, I could walk down a street without being spoken to by random strangers. I didn’t know then that this would become something I would look back fondly upon. 507 more words

Man-woman Thing

Lesson 1:    Don’t be cocky

Photo: SriLanka – 2014/Uma

Nerve wracking pain and enlightenment!

God smote two people with vengeance-one who thought she was independent and other thought of herself as indispensable. 1,038 more words


Χάνομαι στη μετάφραση: φορέματα και κιμονό, ή το ανάποδο.

Το φόρεμα του Ιουλίου, ήταν λιγάκι δώρο – λιγάκι και μνημόσυνο! Έτυχε να ΄χω βρει ένα ύφασμα ιαπωνικό και ακατάδεχτο, με δύο γκέισες να περιφέρουνε είτε να περιφέρονται από τα παρασόλια τους, ας πούμε, κάπως έτσι: 


Just Karma 14 for June 2015 wp

Just Karma 14

too frank

topsy turvy day had us
hunting for the Wright home here –
as it was a private place
footfalls had to be retraced… 165 more words