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Has Algebra turned your kid's world "Topsy Turvy” ?

It was a busy day at NumberNagar® with students coming in for their sessions and it so happened, that one of my students came in with a rather dull face that day. 720 more words


The Old Old Story

We sang this song on Sunday during Communion, the words are full of truth summed up finally in this stanza.

Why should I gain from His reward?

461 more words

Getting to know me


I wanted to start off this blog just right and make my first official post a little bit more personal. This is my chance to really put it all out there and let you, my readers, get to know the woman behind the digital screen and keyboard. 961 more words



Upside down. What a way to view the world. What a way to walk through life. Going through the motions you think you’re supposed to just to be flipped right around and slammed to the ground, left in a state of utter confusion… 566 more words


What Does my Alaska Work Kamping Day Look Like?

I thought I would take a few minutes to walk you through my average day, since many people who are contemplating work kamping may wonder about that. 2,348 more words


The Sacred Fool

Fools are more compassionate than tricksters; tricksters exploit human frailty, fools send it up, to release the healing power of laughter. The fool carries a bladder, perhaps as a symbol of pomposity, whose puffed-up balloon the wit of the fool will pop. 714 more words

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"Hearthrug" - TOPSY‑TURVY series

 My photo -“Hearthrug” in SpallArt

The private art collection SpallArt initially evolved from the enthusiasm for the diversity of possibilities that photography uses to obstruct, to deny and to challenge our perception. 53 more words

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