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Reviewed over at Tor.com.

I wrote this review in December, I think. I had all but forgotten it was in the Tor.com queue.


The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu: Science Fiction at Its Forte

These days, science fiction is more popular than ever and it’s easy to find good science fiction. What I’ve noticed is that a lot of the SF we’re reading now utilizes fantastical elements to create a futuristic or science fictional world. 521 more words


“They’ll Rue the Day a Metanatural Visits the Raj”: Gail Carriger’s Prudence

Lady Prudence Alessandra Maccon Akeldama—better known as “Rue” to her friends and quite deservingly so—is causing havoc all over London society. It doesn’t help matters that she’s related to the three most powerful supernaturals in the British Empire: daughter of the werewolf dewan Lord Conall Maccon and preternatural Lady Alexia Maccon, and adopted daughter of vampire potentate Lord Akeldama. 134 more words


[Analysis] Looking at "said-isms"

I don’t know of a single writer who has made it who hasn’t heard the rule about “said-isms”, those verbs writers use to avoid “said.” During the last Orycon, one panelist (whose attribution escapes me) said “‘said’ is punctuation” and that’s a guideline I generally agree with. 443 more words


Разказ на Хараламби Марков в Tor.com!

Разказът The Language of Knives от Хараламби Марков беше публикуван в електронното списание Tor.com: http://www.tor.com/stories/2015/02/the-language-of-knives-haralambi-markov

Изданието е основано през 2008 година. Достъпът до него е безплатен и според статистиката за миналата година то има около милион и половина читатели месечно. 8 more words