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Tor Turns To Crowdfunding To Lessen Its Dependence On Government Money

Tor, the network that facilitates hidden communications and secure Internet activity, has begun accepting donations in a move aimed at lessening its financial dependence on the U.S. 252 more words


Nightcap - Nov 24

Open source and working remotely are discussed in The Nightcap – Radar


Carnegie Mellon denies FBI payment for Tor-cracking technique

No, we did not sell Tor users out to the FBI for $1 million, Carnegie Mellon (more or less) has said.

Carnegie Mellon on Wednesday tersely… 392 more words


Both FBI And Carnegie Mellon Are Now Denying 'Accuracy' Of $1 Million Tor Surveillance Payment - Forbes

FBI and CMU say Tor Project’s claims a $1 million payment was made to unmask Tor users in a bid to catch Silk Road 2 users and paedophiles are inaccurate. 271 more words

Setting up Tor socks Proxy on Raspberry Pi

The goal is to setup your Raspberry Pi as a tor socks Proxy and help you setup a  desktop web browser to use the tor socks proxy. 901 more words


Our National Encryption Debate, In Quotes

The long-burning debate concerning encryption, its impact on both consumer privacy and the government’s ability to protect its citizens is back with a vengeance.

The dialogue appeared to be dwindling after the White House said… 908 more words