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The Touchables, Fish In A Barrel, Sliced Onions

How To Have A Big Successful Fish Fry

I know that I refer to CPS as The UnTouchables, but that is not the whole story. 151 more words

Child Abuse

Hidden Agendas, Part One: Snowden, The Intercept & the Pentagon-spawned internet privacy movement

This post is part of a two-part series. Read Part Two on Wikileaks and its relation with the Trump media complex here.

A rather prominent theme in the news the past half decade (and particularly the past couple years) has been computer hacking and government document leaks, ranging from Wikileaks to supposed Russian hacking to Snowden/NSA leaks to a constant barrage of stories fearmongering over the alleged vulnerability of critical infrastructures to being hacked by North Korea, ISIS, Russia, or whatever other bogeyman happens to be the flavor of the day. 3,849 more words


Inside the Dark Mind of AlphaBay’s Alleged Founder

Alexandre Cazes, the alleged operator of darkweb marketplace AlphaBay, was a keeper of many secrets. And we’ll never know all of them.

Cazes reportedly committed suicide… 317 more words


Hosting a Tor Node

Please note, this tutorial is not for the technologically feint of heart.  However, I’ll give you my personal guarantee that if you run into troubles, I will respond to every request I receive for help. 784 more words


Global police swoop shutters Hansa and AlphaBay dark web markets

It’s hard for law enforcement to crack down on illegal activities on the dark web such as selling drugs on marketplaces accessed via the Tor network… 418 more words