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New Tor Client Built by Hackers Is Designed to Beat NSA

A joint American-Israeli team of cybersecurity researchers have developed a new Tor client, Astoria, capable of safeguarding a user’s privacy, even from the NSA.

With internet anonymity becoming more and more difficult to establish, people have often used Tor, the anonymizing network to prevent their activity from being tracked. 486 more words


Why I'm working with Tor and First Look

So. A year ago I left my position running the Wikimedia Foundation and began the process of figuring out what to do next. (Spoiler: not yet complete.) 758 more words


How We Deal with Surveillance

The fact that governments spy on us has been in the news a lot in the last two years since Edward Snowden revealed the extent of the US spying. 522 more words

The Industry

How To Start A Tor Hidden Service

Tor has this unfortunate image in many people’s mind that only criminals and drug dealers use it. But the reality is that many ‘normal’ people like you and me around the world use Tor daily. 840 more words


I've Moved To Somerset

I’ve always liked the idea of moving all over the UK. I realise that the UK isn’t the biggest place, in fact you could drive straight through it in a day but I feel like living in all these different places just gives you so much time to explore and learn. 299 more words