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On patience & haste, and what if we were G-d...

Ten whole Plagues. Many days. Weeks. Months of preparations. There was even time to collect gold and silver vessels from the neighbors. Time to get organized and start baking… It seems like this could go on forever. 739 more words

Cooking with Parshat

I have decided to start a new experiment. I will try making a specific dish for Shabbat having to do with the text of the… 666 more words


Our School Outline

Greetings! Today I’m sharing what my outline is for our homeschool. I hope that these links and ideas will help you as they have helped me! 232 more words


Messilat Yesharim – The Track of the Upright

(by the Ramchal, Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato)

The title of the Ramchal’s book is taken from Mishley, Proverbs 16: 17 –

‘Track of Upright, leave evil protects one’s soul, forms one’s path.’ 256 more words


Actions of the Crown

Man is suitable to in likeness of his Maker,

and then he will be in the secret of the higher form, tzelem and character.

Whereas if he is similar in his body but not in actions, then he disappoints the likeness… 49 more words


Book of Exodus: The Name is Names - Rabbi Yitzchak Botton

This week is SHABBAT BO. Meaning that we have already started reading the Book of Exodus. As you will find out while watching the video: The original Hebrew name of the Book of Exodus is simple SEFER SHEMOT (The Book of Names).