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Why People Perish (Even) With A Vision

The first part of the KJV’s (King James Version) rendition of Proverbs 29:18 is often cited as a proof-text for the vision statements of individuals, corporations, and even some churches and other religious organizations. 1,019 more words


More Than Just An Offering

Terumah [תרומה], pronounced Ter-oo-maw, is the 19th portion in the study of Torah. The portion is from Exodus 25:1- 27:19.  And for free, the Haftarah… 852 more words


The Other immigrants of Carribee Island: Wolverhampton's Jewish community 2

This post follows my first on the early Jewish community in mid-19th century Wolverhampton, last week. We explored the Bernsteins who lived at 64 Canal Street, and the opening of the Fryer Street Synagogue, Wolverhampton’s first permanent such building. 1,201 more words


Testimony From A Former Hebrew Roots Follower

This is part of a testimony of someone who came out of the Hebrew Roots Movement, written as an apology and explanation to a friend that she had convinced should become part of HRM. 1,612 more words

Mishpatim - Sephardim and Slavery

The Torah contains laws that govern slavery, whether captured in war or enslaved to pay off debts. In fact, it is no secret that Sephardim owned slaves. 604 more words


Heavenly GPS

The Torah is the road map for life.

The word “Torah” in Hebrew means “instruction”. The Torah is God’s instruction manual to mankind. Torah study is the most important of all the commandments because it helps us understand the will of our Creator and opens the door to all the other commandments. 90 more words

Terumah: Virtuous Reality

God instructs the Children of Israel to construct a Mishkan (Tabernacle), to serve as a conduit of connection between mankind and the Creator, connecting this earthly realm to its highest Source. 202 more words