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Are we far from here?

I awakened refreshed to the coming of a new day, a cross roads and a series of moments of intercessory prayer.

As my fingers felt the edges of Numbers 1, a message began to emerge. 584 more words


Don't Peel to Early

It is well known in Jewish tradition that The holy kingdom of Israel… must grow out of the non-holy kingdom. This non-holy kingdom is called Edom. 109 more words

Torah To The Nations

My Favorite Books of the Bible

March 27. 2015

When folks ask me about my favorite Books of the Bible, the answer is easy:  The Torah, and the Gospels.  Why?  Because they are the formative stories of the Faith.  200 more words


#TieBlog #Tzav

Parashat Tzav continues discussion of the order of sacrifices and contains the instruction that the kohanim (priests) maintain a perpetual flame on the altar.

This is also Shabbat HaGadol, the “Great Sabbath” preceding Passover. 72 more words

Celebrating Life With All Your Being: Parashat Tzav

Parashat Tzav relates a detailed description of the different kinds of offers and some of the specific ceremonial aspects related to the beginning of the “work” of the priests (Kohanim). 612 more words

Living Space - Psalm 19 & Exodus 20.1-17

March 8, 2015 – 3rd Sunday in Lent

This morning our scripture passages are all about the law. Lisa read Exodus 20—the ten commandments—and I read Psalm 19 which has that big section about the desirability and sweetness of the law. 1,581 more words

Words of Belief - An Invitation to the Quran and Torah

Listen people, I do not seek any money or reward from you, for what I say of God (Yahawah/ Allah). I do not ask of you of anything that you listen and reflect. 1,546 more words

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