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Shavuot and the God who Changes Everything

Our God is a God of black swans.

“Black swan” is a term popularized by former Wall Street quant Nassim Nicholas Taleb in the book… 1,161 more words


You look a little puffy lately...

Being Puffed Up looks like . . .

For me, Puffed up comes out as a critical, judgmental, aggressive positioning for me. In fact, years ago, I asked God why there wasn’t nearly as much incredible and life altering things coming to me. 210 more words


Shavuot the Festival of Celebrating God's Gift

 This year, Shavuot, also known as the Festival of Weeks, begins as the weekly Sabbath ended on Saturday evening at sunset yesterday.

Understanding this holiday from a Jewish perspective provides a fitting background to the celebration of Pentecost.  1,160 more words

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Happy Shavuot! (Pentecost Pictures)

Today is Shavuot (Pentecost). As disciples of Jesus we celebrate the giving of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2. Shavuot is a holy day commanded by the LORD (Leviticus 23:15-16) that commemorates the giving of Torah (Exodus 19-20:23). 186 more words

Applying Scripture

Elie Wiesel on Genesis and Job

On October 11, 2001, Elie Wiesel was invited to present a guest lecture in Boston University’s Core Curriculum: The Ancient World (Humanities, Genesis to Plato) 46 more words


The Commands of Yeshua ~ Part 11

In this post, we return to the Commands of Yeshua series by looking at the character traits that Yeshua expects us to possess.

Character ~ Part A… 1,350 more words


Vayikra Twenty-One: Kohanim and Disabilities

This chapter opens up with a list of rules specific to the kohanim. The kohanim are not allowed to come into contact with the dead, because this defiles them, with the only exceptions being their parents, children, brothers, and virgin sisters. 455 more words