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Vayikra Nine: Sacrifices Before the People

This chapter opens exactly where the previous one left off, with Aaron and his sons performing the first sacrifices before the people at the dedication of the mishkan. 247 more words


The Commands of Yeshua ~ Part 7

“If you keep My commands, you will stay in My love – just as I have kept My Father’s commands and stay in His love. I have said this to you so that My joy may be in you, and your joy be complete.” 972 more words


Barechu et HaShem hamevorach

Chiunque sia stato in sinagoga e abbia ottenuto l’aliyah alla Torah (andare a Sefer) o abbia visto gli altri fare quest’aliyah, ha potuto notare che chi lo fa comincia la berachà con le parole “Barechu et HaShem hamevorach”, cioè “Benedite Hashem, il quale è benedetto”. 662 more words

Muhammad Art Exhibit

The first annual “Muhammad Art Exhibit & Contest” was held on Sunday, May 3, at the Curtis Culwell Center, 5-7 pm, Central Time, in the Dallas suburb of Garland, Texas. 216 more words


Studying Torah Is A Mitzvah – But What Does That Mean? -- By Marc

Studying Torah is a Mitzvah… In fact, I believe it is THE highest mitzvah… But what does it all mean? How does one go about “studying Torah”? 853 more words

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We had a customer service fiasco at the clothing store yesterday, and I realized that my job is tenuous: one severe customer complaint and I could be unemployed. 502 more words



When we discuss the nature of a servant-leader, we have usually focused upon the “leader” aspect. This week, our Torah portion allows us to look at the role of the “servant.” 551 more words