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Kol Rabi, Sedra Shoftim - Defying the Sanhedrin

Do not divert from Sanhedrin’s guidance neither right nor left

Rashi – even if instructing the right is left or the left is right.

Those defying their guidance must be executed – evil must be purged from your midst… 91 more words


My First Sabbath (and a Revelation)

I have never felt so in tune with God as I do now. Since being born again, I have had plenty of dry seasons- times of life where the Lord felt so far away, and I felt abandoned by the Holy Spirit. 740 more words

Faith In Action

An Unsavory Character Receives God's Favor Part II

30-Jul-17 Genesis 28:10-17

Last week we left our sly, conniving, deceitful and evil friend, Jacob just as he was getting himself settled down for the night. 1,700 more words



by Gordon Bonnet

Our main character is Duncan Kyle, a man of indeterminate age or origin who one night falls through the floor of his apartment and finds himself in a dark and mysterious world, one of many within the Sephirot that he must journey through and return home. 374 more words


Because you were Strangers

We read this phrase in many places in the Torah and in various forms in the Davening. Rashi brings that there are 2 ways this can be taken: 181 more words


Judaism prt 4

As I moved forward in my investigation, I was equipped with an obvious yet often overlooked understanding that I’d gathered anecdotally from my Jewish friends. The Jews are called “Jews” because they are the descendents of Judah. 1,616 more words

The Message: Have you checked the condition of your heart's filters today?, Matthew 15:10-20

Sermon:          Have you checked the conditions of your filters lately?
Scripture:        Matthew 15.10-20
Preacher:        Patrick H. Wrisley, D.Min.
Location:         First Presbyterian Church, DeLand… 2,189 more words