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Kedai Kopi Kimung

Actually I’ve made several trips to Grand Depok City, especially at the weekend taking a child to swim in Depok Fantasy Waterpark “Alladin”. And over the past two months turned out across Waterpark already established a coffee shop with a decorative canopy of green. 848 more words


Cerita dari Pos Dua di Gunung Sesean

Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints

Melangkahkan kaki dengan perlahan menuju tanjakan licin berlumut yang kian memperlambat waktu tempuh pendakian perdana saya di Gunung Sesean ini. 972 more words


Let the little children come to me ... or maybe better not. Lasset die Kindlein zu mir kommen ... oder lieber nicht.

Seeing foreign people from Western countries is still something not very common in Sulawesi, even in the more touristed areas like Tana Toraja. Everywhere we go we draw attention and you will often not be treated like an Indonesian. 1,256 more words


Die and let die. Sterben und sterben lassen.

The last days were emotionally and mentally challenging. It took me a while to process everything. Impressions were ranging emotionally from sheer curiosity and explorer spirit to feelings of sadness, compassion, and disgust. 4,281 more words


Lebih Enak di Toraja

Sudah lama banget yah gak nulis di sini, si Yuna lagi aktif-aktifnya di-blog milik pribadi yang terkadang banyakan curhat daripada menginspirasi dan memberikan bacaan yang menyenangkan ke teman-temannya yang mau gak mau baca dia punya blog karena muncul di pemberitahuan, sedangkan si… 815 more words


Tombs Hopping in Toraja

Whether you are a local or a visitor, I think you’ll be captivated by Torajan funeral ceremony. There’s a saying which is widely spread that we, Torajan, live for the dead one. 978 more words

My Little Step