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Beauty me up, artist

Swim through my day, my life
Whirlwind ’round the kitchen
In and out each room, each window
Lingering, busying

Leave no ion, yard, or… 20 more words


<== ==> (Coming 7/25/2019)

Jonquil used her watch to make an airtight helmet membrane that would at least protect her nose, mouth and eyes from the garbage water. 647 more words


LUX #18

<== ==> (Coming 7/24/2019)

Eve’s heart had only just settled from the encounter with Cressida. She glanced down at her tea, covering her mouth with her cup to hide her snarl. 794 more words


Five-Hundred Word Challenge 582: More Words Than Necessary

Colds mornings are always cold mornings.

Well, I guess that was something that did not need to be said, but I’ve said it, so there you go. 510 more words



<== ==> (Coming 7/23/2019)

What was the goal of all of mayhem? If this was the work of a single entity, it had to be done for a specific end. 914 more words



<== ==> (Coming 7/22/2019)

They had deployed the flashlights attached to the Gawain and Vishnu’s collarbone. 500 women with powerful flashlights made for queer shadows on the roofs and walls. 842 more words