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Not to be mistaken for Torch-Wood, ¬†Torchlight to is a “pointy clicky loot game”, Similar to the likes of Diablo, and by golly fancy that, it was developed by one of the ex developers of Diablo :O who’d have thought it. ¬† 566 more words

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Reasons to be miserable!

Mortal Kombat X

The boyfriend and I haven’t yet joined the new generation of consoles. We want to get a PS4 eventually, but we’re waiting for games we want on it to come out. 344 more words


Torchlight 2, what is the keyboard shortcut equivelant for the zooming mouse wheel?

In Torchlight 2 what is the keyboard shortcut keys for players who don’t have a scrolling mouse wheel (or in my case who use a pen and tablet instead of a mouse).

Torchlight 2

Can we define "clamoring" and "demand"?

On September 23 of this year, Final Fantasy XV’s director, Hajime Tabata, told IGN in an interview that the possible future of the series on Playstation Vita would depend on fan demand (and Square Enix obliging that demand if it did manifest).¬† 341 more words

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Update on the Torchlight 2 Giveaway

Congratulations, Iogro Merrybelly, on winning Torchlight 2!

I had to redraw this go round as the first one never replied to my email. Could be any number of reasons as to why but I thought this was a good time to remind everyone to make sure your WordPress profiles have a valid email address, or at least one you check. 20 more words

Giveaway Update

*CLOSED* Giveaway: Torchlight 2

Torchlight II is an amazing action RPG that, unlike it’s predecessor, is an open world style dungeon-crawler. You can multi-play with the co-op feature or play with friends over a LAN. 567 more words



I am now back in michgan or what I know as home. I am done with Cedar Point hopefully forever, but we will see. At least I came back, when many places are hiring. 91 more words