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Torchwood - The Lost Files on BBC

Here I was, going through BBC Radio’s available dramas and look that I see – Torchwood is back :D

For all those who don’t know a thing about it, Torchwood is a SF spin-off series to the awesome Doctor Who TV show. 68 more words


The Giant Monster

Once upon a time in Lake M, there was a Giant Monster who ate up all the fish population. Soon, there was only one fish left: Torchwood. 215 more words


British Science Fiction Film and Television: Critical Essays Book Review

There’s much to ponder and learn about in “British Science Fiction Film and Television.” 392 more words

Book Review

"Alive" (a letter to Neil Gaiman)

Dear Neil,

The odds that you are reading this are slim. Very slim. I probably won’t finish writing it, but if I do, I almost surely won’t be brave enough to send it to you. 760 more words

Lindy Moone

Greeks Bearing Gifts...How Can I Live With It?

TOSH: I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s incredible.
MARY: It’s more than incredible. With this, you can read people’s minds. It levels the pitch between man and God. 1,179 more words

Thoughts on: The Stolen Earth / Journey's End

What a show. I’d forgotten how incredible the Series 4 finale was, and I’m happy to admit I was thoroughly blown away upon this rewatch. Russell T Davies upped the ante to full blast and delivered the most magnitudinous story yet, the stakes higher than they’ve ever been before or possibly since, and a great, walloping belter of a script to go with it. 1,749 more words

Doctor Who

The Christmas Invasion....while the Doctor sleeps

It’s Christmas Eve and the TARDIS crashes its way back onto Earth (London, England – present day) at the hands of new Doctor…

The Doctor isn’t well however, he is still suffering the trauma from the regenerative process and falls into a coma. 727 more words

Episode Review