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An Unearthly Child, A Review

Not so deep down all fans of Doctor Who want their own TARDIS. To be able to encompass the whole of Time and Space. The questions we could answer pertaining to our own past and our eventual fate as a species, the chance to travel to the ends of the universe and discover all there is contained therein.The TARDIS is the ultimate laboratory, its subject of study… everything!!! 576 more words

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Torchwood: They Keep Killing Suzie

SUZIE: What do you believe?
GWEN: It’s stupid, but I always sort of think, like, you know, white light and all that. And I think of my Gran. 1,297 more words

Jo Is Going To Shore Leave 37

I’m shipping off to Shore Leave!

This weekend is Shore Leave 37 in Hunt Valley. The granddaddy of cons for my family, and the one my parents went to for many years.   74 more words


Skin of metal and a body that will never age or die. I envy it.

A parallel version of London, 2006. the rich are flying in Zeppelins overhead, people can download the news (and more) straight to their brain via ear pods (that would be kinda cool), and Pete Tyler is alive …..and wealthy (thanks to creating an energy drink that is just pop lol)! 337 more words
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Torchwood - The Lost Files on BBC

Here I was, going through BBC Radio’s available dramas and look that I see – Torchwood is back :D

For all those who don’t know a thing about it, Torchwood is a SF spin-off series to the awesome Doctor Who TV show. 68 more words

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The Giant Monster

Once upon a time in Lake M, there was a Giant Monster who ate up all the fish population. Soon, there was only one fish left: Torchwood. 215 more words


British Science Fiction Film and Television: Critical Essays Book Review

There’s much to ponder and learn about in “British Science Fiction Film and Television.” 392 more words

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