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Chapter 20

Chapter 21: Sleep In Heavenly Peace 2

Ianto opened his eyes, waiting for consciousness to catch up. He was dazed and nauseous but the numbness the state offered was quickly evaporating. 2,335 more words



Chapter 19

Chapter 20:

Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Owen awoke to the sound of sporadic gunfire and the pelt of rain on the side of his face. 1,507 more words


The Face of Boe / Captain Jack connection

Sometimes, when you’re creating, you inadvertently open a can of worms. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes it is the only way to catch fish. 2,775 more words

Doctor Who

TIBERIAN THOUGHTS - Catalysts: Choice in Doctor Who and Mass Effect

The Cornelian Dilemma is one of the best and easiest ways to create drama. If you’re into the etymology, the name comes from French Renaissance playwright… 3,268 more words

Steven Moffat


Chapter 18

Chapter 19:

Holy Infant So Tender And Mild

The graveyard shook causing both Owen and Ianto to fall to the ground. The earth seemed to liquefy around them, turning itself over in a series of frenzied waves that poured from the heart of the yew. 1,157 more words

Daily Prompt


Chapter 17 

‘Round Yon Virgin Mother And Child

They were too late.

The scene in front of them was like a granular tableau scraped on the canvass with a palette knife, full of heavy colour, yet expressionless and devoid of life. 1,441 more words



Chapter 16

Chapter 17: All Is Calm All Is Bright

All Is Calm All Is Bright


They drew up at the church, the SUV skidding on the glossy surface of the road. 2,901 more words