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Sea worshiping God by kenkenta314

“Sea torii” of Torii big fish shrine of legend
About 300 years ago (1693 BC) evil magistrate burned the hand to the district people was an invitation to revel okinoshima in collusion. 121 more words


Koji Comes Home

It’s Tenshi 11, thought Koji. Tenshi 11. Not “2033,” whatever that means. The date is so strange. Two thousand years after what? Is it two thousand years after an emperor? 432 more words


PHOTOS: Kyoto Day 3

If you have time to do just one thing while visiting¬†Kyoto, the Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine is a must. With more than 10,000¬†blazing red torii gates leading up to the top of Inari mountain, it’s a breathtaking way to spend a half or whole day. 94 more words


TJE 36: A brief rendezvous with a dear country

Japan occupies a special place in my heart since it was the very first country I visited, it wowed me in so many ways, and basically the over-all experience living there was great. 276 more words


Torii Gates in Tokyo

These red gates are called torii, and they can be found at the entrance, or within, a Shinto shrine. Their purpose is to mark the space as pure and sacred. 24 more words


Motonosumi Inari Shrine: a site of beauty in Japan that tourists are yet to discover

There’s more to this unusual shrine than its stunning red torii gates that lead down to the Sea of Japan. 513 more words