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One week ago I tore the muscles in my right calf.  It hurt about as much as you imagine.  I’ve been on crutches since.  Thankfully, I should be done with them sometime in the next week. 198 more words

Injury & Recovery


Yesterday was perhaps the weirdest but most special golf game I’ve ever had.

On Hole no. 6, while jumping across a bunker, something in my right leg snapped and I could no longer support my body with my right leg. 997 more words

Limping along

39 spam comments are a pretty good indication that it has been a few days since I popped in here and tended to this poor neglected corner of cyberspace. 287 more words


Seeing light at the end of the tunnel

Struggling with motivation and inspiration, it feels a bit like the creative gods have deserted me at the moment.

I suspect it has something to do with feeling a bit blue with a touch of cabin fever from 2 weeks at home resting. 247 more words

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Still grumbling

Today the sun is out and a lovely breeze is ruffling the fluffy grasses outside my window.

It is much cooler, thankfully, and although I am still hobbling, I think my leg is getting better. 366 more words

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Dear Diary

Today marks the 4th day of my incarceration, confined by the invisible bonds created by a buggered leg and the furnace like heat that is currently broiling the city and filling my Facebook page with memes of melting dogs and ice cream trucks. 310 more words

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well that's torn it

Been a bit of a quiet week since I was last here.

The weather has been warming up and today is our first day of a predicted 5 day heat wave of 40C + 558 more words

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