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Where Happy Little Bluebirds Fly

On May 31st, 2013, four hours before the widest tornado in recorded history tore through central Oklahoma, Tracie Alexis Seimon tied a tag to a tree that stood outside of Sid’s Diner in El Reno, Oklahoma. 1,064 more words


Washington Terrace tornado victims slowly recovering

WASHINGTON TERRACE – It’s been nearly a week since a tornado tore through a Washington Terrace neighborhood, and residents are slowly getting back on their feet. 298 more words


Tornado destroys Panguitch non-profit office

GARFIELD COUNTY, Utah — Bevin Owens and her colleagues in Panguitch are working out of their homes, their cars, and a building meant for after-school programs because a tornado destroyed their social service agency on Thursday. 199 more words


CRUD in Tornado

In the previous post, we have discussed what REST is and developed a Hello world web service using tornado, in this blog post we’ll create something a bit more useful RESTful web service, an online contact book, and we shall call it TheContactBook, I know, creative, right! 1,403 more words


Introduction to REST and Tornado

This is part of a series that will walk you through developing and deploying RESTful web services, in this post we will focus on getting familiar with Tornado (a python web framework and asynchronous networking library) and getting to know what a RESTful web services is. 689 more words


Trying to Find a New Normal

Every day that you wake up brings its own blessings and curses.  You never know what to expect as uncertainty lurks around each corner.  Subsequently, one day Job lost his farm animals in a series of unexplainable events.  301 more words


That Was Just a Dream

For many years I had a reoccurring dream about running from a tornado and a nuclear bomb. There was always a white frame church with a steeple directly in the path of the tornado. 160 more words