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Homosexuals above the law?

Are gays and lesbians above the law?

The writer of this blog seems to think so after he/she watched the gay pride parade in Toronto last month. Read more…


Top 10 "Cubist" vehicles

By Michael Goetz

Well, there will be one more squared off vehicle in the market — the Nissan Cube. It made its Canadian debut at Toronto, and should be in Canadian delaerships this spring. 191 more words


Is your car Canadian?

By Mike Gotez


Like any auto industry, Canada’s is struggling to adapt to the massive structural changes going on worldwide in the business and manufacture of the automobile. 539 more words


Concepts: the Good, the Bad and the Crazy

By Nauman Farooq


One of the main attractions for many to go to an auto show, is to see concept cars.


Quite often, concept cars give an insight into what we might be driving in a few years time. 596 more words


Evolution of the Nissan Z

By Marc Lachapelle


It was the Sixties. Muscle cars and American V8 power ruled over North America and Japanese manufacturers were still bit players. Nissan was called Datsun on this continent at the time and in 1969, it launched an all-new sports car as a 1970 model. 593 more words


Top ten "car show" motorcycles

By Mike Goetz


Let’s start with a disclaimer. Some of us at AutoTrader.ca love motorcycles just as much as we love cars. If motorcycles are anywhere in our presence we will inevitably gravitate to them.  385 more words


But is it hip to be square?

By Michael Goetz


Does this cube design thing have legs? Should we be scared? Will box-like devices multiply, and then rise up, and in a show of force, destroy all aerodynamic vehicles? 292 more words