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Top MLB Free Agents Left

Meanwhile, with pitchers and catchers reporting soon that means that spring training is near. Now, there are many quality free agents out in the market, but some still think they can land a big deal, but honestly they will only receive a one year deal that is loaded up or a two or three year deal with opt out options after the first or second year. 391 more words


Let's Just Take a Moment To Watch Some Damn Bat Flips

By now, everyone knows how badass Joey Bautista was during Game 5 of the ALDS. And, like most humans that are really smart, I’ve spent most of my day on YouTube, avoiding work and watching Bat Flips. 513 more words


Who should you root for if your team is no longer in the playoffs?

So your team is out of the post season… and with no Yankees, Red Sox nor Giants there is no easy team to root AGAINST! 858 more words

St. Louis Cardinals

Why getting it right is so wrong

A few comments about how much baseball sucks today. That 1977 Phillies/Dodgers playoff game I watched the other night: How long do you suppose it took to play that game? 192 more words


The Yanks Stank When It Came To The Crunch- But How About Them Fair Weather Bandwagon Fans?

The Yanks lost yet another game that they came close to winning. They had as much chance of winning. But their bullpen is weak when it goes beyond Miller and Betances. 601 more words

They Must Stumble Before They Can Run: Or How Cashman Dropped The Ball

Argh!!! That was what I thought last night, and it was last night for me, because as I listened to the final humiliation of defeat for the Yankees, it had turned in or around half three in the morning. 1,114 more words