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Food: Manpuku

Manpuku is a small modern japanese eatery located in the midst of the OCAD food court, as my friend had called it. I’ve passed by the area several times before but I’ve never tried this particular place I believe. 668 more words


Food: Pastel Creperie & Dessert House

New food experience now up! This one is a bit different than the usuals because it will be focused on a dessert themed restaurant. I typically don’t visit desire themed restaurants only because I’m not a huge fan on sweets and also because there aren’t many that I know that are good. 995 more words


Food: Fresh Off the Boat 416

New food review up at tO! Wanderlust – this time my review will be on a recently opened seafood joint on Queen Street West. I’ve passed by this little store a few times in the past but have never went in because I thought it served high class, fancy and expensive seafood dishes with a variety of oysters, mussels, clams, pasta dishes, lobster, crab, etc. 1,032 more words


Food: La Bettola Di Terroni

A new food review coming right up! My friend took me to La Bettola in Toronto to celebrate my belated birthday for lunch since my birthday was on March 10th and then I wasn’t feeling well, and classes, and so on kept delaying it. 716 more words


Macaron Day TO!

Happy Macaron Day TO!

The big question is, Who doesn’t love macaroons?! Everyone must love these beautiful, colourful sweets. No excuse needed to eat them, but today is Macaron Day and to celebrate I went ahead yesterday to purchase some of my favourite macaroons from Butter Avenue in Toronto. 224 more words


Scratch Made Scones

Yesterday I was feeling really under the weather. Thankfully I had the weekend of work, allowing me some time to pamper myself.

To me, pampering myself includes eating well. 446 more words


Hasty Realizations

I had a scary realization at the end of last week that my time in Toronto (at least for this semester) is quickly coming to an end, so once I stopped dwelling on that fact I realized that I need to make a bigger dent in my to do list. 451 more words