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In the days of the greatest turmoil for the late and much-lamented Toronto mayor Rob Ford, when his presence in office was seen as offensive to all right-thinking people, there remained a mystery at the heart of what was rightly called the “Ford phenomenon.” 147 more words


Rewarding Violence

What’s so hard about saying “I’m sorry?”

It’s a question for Pride Toronto Executive Director Mathieu Chantelois — but he’s not taking the Toronto Sun’s calls or answering requests for interviews. 93 more words


'Everybody loses’: Former mayor Mel Lastman weighs in on Scarborough subway

Former Toronto mayor Mel Lastman says there is “no winner” when it comes to the proposed Scarborough subway.

“When they vote, everybody loses,” said Lastman, who was a vocal proponent of another controversial subway extension — the Sheppard line — while mayor of North York and then Toronto. 418 more words


BLM "Foggy Logic"

Bear with me as I struggle through the foggy logic in the Pride vs. Black Lives Matter spat.

BLM held a news conference Thursday at which they said Mayor John Tory is in “cahoots,” with police and hurled epithets at Pride executive director Mathieu Chantelois for what they believe is a flip-flop, after he signed their demands when they held up the Pride parade. 97 more words


“A Beaver in Polite Company”

(An Absolutely Epic Ode for Canada Day, July 1st, 2016)

O, Canada!

Hail, socialist snow-globe!  Frozen fatherland!

Where moms in babushkas from Hudson’s Bay
Bake their collective way… 1,635 more words


Feds invest $600K for youth employment to help curb gun violence in Toronto

Toronto is receiving an additional $600,000 from the federal government to boost the Canada Summer Jobs program and create opportunities for troubled youth as a short-term solution to combat a spate of gun violence in the city. 335 more words


One Billion?!

Scarborough’s one-stop subway will cost nearly $1 billion more than originally anticipated.

But Mayor John Tory says he’s sticking to the plan to build the extension even though it will now cost $2.9 billion, up an additional $900,000 from estimates in January. 113 more words