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Canada - Radical Islam

Islamic terrorists are our out in full force around the world. The Palm Sunday bombing killing 43 innocent souls at a Coptic church in Egypt, the Westminster bridge killing in London, the Saint Petersburg train attack killing 10 and injuring dozens are just a few of the most recent. 739 more words


Trudeau's Immigrants

Met a few friends in the mall a few days ago. Being conservative the conversation quickly turned to Trudeau’s pro Muslim immigration policies. During our lambasting of Trudeau I mention the Roman Empire was brought down because they didn’t accept the barbarian refugees. 568 more words


Paws Off!

When the Communist rulers of the Soviet Union realized in the 1980s their grand experiment in central planning needed tweaking, they opted for Communism lite. As described by the New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, this new milder and gentler version of bureaucratic control involved manipulating “prices, taxes, the rules governing enterprise behavior, the rate of exchange etc.” 250 more words


Sneaky Politics

Mayor John Tory publicly voted to support a gender equality approach to city budgeting while allied councillors were instructed by his office to vote against it. 161 more words


Support for Wynne Liberals down, but lead in downtown core

A new poll suggests support for Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals is down in the former suburban areas of Toronto.

The Mainstreet Research poll found the provincial Liberals have a 42 per cent lead in Toronto, but support for them outside the downtown core is crumbling. 49 more words


The Constant Gardiner - Infrastructure in Toronto & Canada - March 1st, 2017

Good morning subscribers! This week, the rubber hits the gridlocked, pothole ridden road as we turn our attention to infrastructure policy.

Highlights from this week’s brief include: 403 more words

Public Policy


Young people across the income spectrum who would like to build lives in Toronto are choosing to leave rather than pay the city’s ever-increasing rents. 181 more words