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Toronto’s executive committee endorses road tolls, other new tax proposals

Members of Toronto’s executive committee have voted to ask the province for the power to toll local roads, such as the Don Valley Parkway (DVP) and Gardiner Expressway, and to potentially impose several new taxes. 384 more words


A Canadian Eye Opener

Ever wonder why the new liberal left is piling on the debt.  Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario debt has skyrocketed from $200 billion in 2010 to over $300 billion, and now Trudeau’s liberals are on a spending binge, Alberta’s Notley can’t keep her hand out of the cookie jar and Obama is now called the $20 trillion man. 520 more words


Toronto City Council approves $7B transit funding strategy

In a key decision that could have derailed SmartTrack, Toronto’s city council voted to approve a massive funding plan that would fuel billions worth of transit projects in the coming years, principle among them is John Tory’s SmartTrack. 521 more words


Doug Ford promises 'there’s no politician safe' from being exposed in new tell-all book

ETOBICOKE — Doug Ford wants a new job. That much we know for sure. He told reporters as much in his mother’s yard on Tuesday. “As sure as I’m standing here,” Ford said — and he was standing, near the lion statues, not far from the pool — “I’m running for something.” 615 more words


Alberta - What happened to Our Champions?

It’s been over a year since Notley and the NDP have taken the reins of Alberta power. In this short period of time the NDP has scared investment out of the oil sands, approved a new business killer carbon tax, cancelled cheap electricity by phasing out coal-fired power plants eliminating hundreds jobs and managed to take Alberta to the highest unemployment in decades.  692 more words


Rob Ford crack video reveals mayor didn't call Trudeau a 'fag' or refer to 'f--king minorities'


With the conclusion of legal proceedings against Sandro Lisi, Rob Ford’s scofflaw factotum, the crack video that sent Ford’s mayoralty and this city’s politics careering down an icy slope with a cliff at the end of it is finally in the public domain. 940 more words