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Mechanisms: Gears

Even before the Industrial Revolution, gears of one kind or another have been put to work both for and against us. From ancient water wheels and windmills that ground grain and pounded flax, to the drive trains that power machines of war from siege engines to main battle tanks, gears have been essential parts of almost every mechanical device ever built. 819 more words

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How turbochargers work

If you follow cars and movies you must have noticed that in the first scene of The Fate of the Furious, Torreto disconnects some sort of a tube from his junkyard car in order to make it fast and eventually win the race. 979 more words


What Is Daylight-Saving Time?

(Source: www.wired.com)

Oh sure, you know what it is … but do you really know what is going on? There is some interesting physics here. 2,031 more words


What Happens In a Bike Engine?

Riding inter-cities and intra-cities, your bike has taken you places. But there is an unsung hero behind all these journeys who is sometimes forgotten – the engine. 307 more words

Dudley Soames (Torque)

Once again, Lucy W. allows me to catch up with someone I previously missed, in this case Torque, who appeared in Arrow Season 2. In the episode… 788 more words


Progress Update: A new deadline approaches

Did I finish my novel on time?


I originally planned to finish my novel Dec. 15. However, a graduate school application was due on the same date. 390 more words


This is the All Twinster, a new torque-vectoring hybrid system for SUVs

(Source: arstechnica.com)


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    The engineering company GKN might not be instantly recognizable, but it has been a leader in the world of four- and all-wheel drive for decades. 350 more words