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"Torque" isn't just a terrible movie from 2004...

…it’s also an important concept that many of my physics students have studied recently.

Conceptually, torque is the quantity required to make an object rotate… 453 more words


Torque Brewing

It’s been a little while since I’ve had a chance to post a new entry and I’m happy to be back at it. This past week I had a chance to sit down with Matt Wolff, Adam Olson and John Heim from… 1,613 more words

Craft Beer

Three critical factors for servo motor sizing

Reprint of December 30, 2015 Linear Motion Tips article from Design World

Servo motor sizing is often done with the help of a manufacturer’s sizing program, but it’s important to understand the three most critical factors—speed, torque, and inertia—to ensure you select the best-fit motor for the application. 122 more words

Technical Support Information

Power Struggle

With THE anti-hero Deadpool debuting on February 12th in the UK, what better time to post exactly why driving a car with great power comes great irresponsibility? 561 more words


How to safely tighten bolts + Review: Bike Hand YC-617-2S torque wrench

If you like working on your bike, by now you should be used to turning and tightening bolts with a hex key or Allen wrench. Have you ever wondered that perhaps you’ve turned a bolt too tightly though? 1,041 more words


Side Flips Should Be Banned!

Whenever I see coaches flipping the ball to hitters from the side in practice or before a game, I cringe! For those who don’t know what “side flips” (some refer to this as side toss) look like, a coach or another player gets down on one knee or sits on a ball bucket, facing the hitter from the side. 478 more words

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