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It's Release Day for TORQUE (Jack 'Em Up #2) by Shauna Allen!!

It’s Release Day for TORQUE by Shauna Allen!

TORQUE is here!
Shauna Allen’s newest contemporary romance novel
in her Jack ‘Em Up series!


The darkness that fills him . 1,018 more words


end of the course

Friday I finished my second year of the course after completing the serious game assignment mentioned in my other posts, myself and my friend lewis worked together on the assignment, lewis creating the second prototype level and textures while I was responsible for coding and animation with the new technology being used was the leap motion sensor which was used in the beginning puzzle as the players have to push shapes and align them in order to jump to the next area of the game, one player controls the movement of the player and the camera while the other uses the leap by placing their hands above the sensor and then gesturing such as punch to push the boxes and other shapes etc, this was then tested by students and assessors in a demo event on Friday, this went extremely well, with plenty of praise and quite a lot of useful, feedback the most remembered was the younger secondary school pupils suggesting change the arm colour to something to resemble iron man, this wouldn’t improve the game but would be make it look unique, while the most useful from college students was to have the begining puzzle at the end as this was the hardest to do and the other were easier, so if the level was reversed it would start easy and then increase in difficulty, but all in all everyone seemed pleased, while i did see my other classmates showing their projects, one being a press pad system where the player presses in a certain direction a ball they are controlling roll to the correct maths question, while another was using the occulus and a controller to look around the level and shoot the number to add to the target, so the projects were quite diverse. 98 more words

COM505 14/15 WREXHAM 3D Modelling And Animation

2016 Chevrolet Camaro Is Finally Revealed

Chevrolet finally broke cover on the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro in Detroit this past Saturday. Over a thousand people were in attendance for the event at Belle Island in Detroit. 410 more words


The Thoughts of Two Strikers Together to Create a Basic Template on Striking

One-Pager for Striking


Keep it simple, stupid(KISS rules)

  • What’s the fastest way from point A to point B? A straight line. Punches should always be in a straight line from the outside.
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Bruce Lee

Find Best Industrial Torque Wrenches for Your Business

Mechanical and automobile engineers depend on the skills and experience of professional techniques to sustain and repair all vehicles. To complete their tasks effectively and efficiently professional techniques depend on a number of mechanical tools.

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Torque Tools