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@thetrichordist: TorrentFreak Owner/Editor Lennart Renkema PhD Received Funding From Google & Bittorrent Friendly VPN

Google funded Lennart Renkema’s last paper. Let’s just get right to the point shall we? TorrentFreak is not a semi-biased news source that reports sympathetically on piracy.

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Louis C.K.’s ‘I Love You, Daddy’ Leaks Online After Being Pulled From Theatrical Release

Todd Spangler reports: Louis C.K.’s dark comedy “I Love You, Daddy” was released this week — but not in the way he had intended.

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@davidclowery: Torrent Freak Reports that Spotify Used “Pirated” MP3 Files To Launch Service and Why That Matters

Spotify’s counsel Christopher Sprigman recently made the argument in  Bluewater Music Services v. Spotify that the service isn’t required to pay mechanical royalties to songwriters because they aren’t really making copies  except for those covered by “fair use” and “ephemeral” exceptions.  

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