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The Quest For Finding A Functioning RAW Torrent Of Mahou Tsukai Sally

Over the last couple of days, I was digging and digging for an actual working torrent of the whole anime of Mahou Tsukai Sally.

An answer was finally encountered, however I am still, as I write this, downloading said torrent files (currently stuck at 96.98%).  66 more words

Mahou Tsukai Sally

Giving up illegal downloads

We want artists to make good art but we forget that they need to make a living. We crib about lack of quality in mainstream movies  but we download indie films illegally. 194 more words

Blockchain vs torrents

I will take Bitcoin as an example:

Blockchain technology is based on a combination of three concepts that have existed for some time: peer-to-peer technology, cryptography and game theory. 294 more words


Nature is Beautiful

Nature is Beautiful

New Allowing

Torrents Unifying

Reality’s Evolvement

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Easiest way to Download Torrents Online


If you are new to torrents and don’t know how to search/download torrents you are in the right place and let us proceed further in the tutorial. 397 more words

PC & Mobile

Get FrostWire Plus 1.9.9 build 460 for Android!

Download NOW!

Happy Monday! Please download our latest release of FrostWire Plus for Android. It fixes an important bug which was causing crashes.


FrostWire 1.9.9 build 459 – OCT/23/2017…

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Cloud torrenting service lets you save all your downloads directly to Google Drive

Whenever you hear the word torrent, you probably associate it immediately with online piracy and for a good reason. That’s what the file-sharing technology is mainly used for, and there are services out there looking to improve your torrenting game. 262 more words

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