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Direct Download Links for movies using Google

Tired of torrents running out of seeders? No worries. You can search for direct download links using Google!

To download movies, perform a Google search as below: 105 more words

Tips & Tricks

BBC Recipe Archive Available as Torrent, Zip File

If I had time, I’d love to do a Storify on the initial announcement of the BBC getting rid of its recipe site, the social media outrage, the quick mobilization of institutional archiving services, and then the DIY scrapes and archiving services. 84 more words

New Resources

The Past and Future of the Music Industry

by Paul Cairns, Managing Editor

It is 1927. Your double-bass is in the back of the van under a mountain of horns and woodwinds, and headlights swim by the window as you are on your way to your third concert this week. 744 more words

The Pirate Bay will be losing its iconic web address

For as long as I can remember, thepiratebay.se has beenĀ the place to go for illegal torrents. But a ruling handed down by Sweden’s court of appeal says that those domain names are going to be handed over to the Swedish government, and you can bet that they’re not fans of illicitĀ  290 more words


Peerflix Server: How to Stream Torrents

I’m not going to get into the legalities of torrenting certain media. Instead, I want to present you with options in case you do torrent for whatever reason. 500 more words


Australia's Pathetic Excuse For Pirating.

Australia may only have a population of around twenty-three million people, but there is one figure where we as a nation bat above our weight and that is sadly when it comes to pirating. 845 more words


We Want It Now!

Game of Thrones is the world’s most popular television show and the currently the most pirated download from the internet. Australia has been previously named as the country with most illegal downloads of the popular series. 287 more words