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Statutory Caps and Recent Judicial Intervention May Bring Sky High Verdicts Back to the Ground 

State Library Ed. Note: Oregon’s ruling against compensation caps discussed in latter part of article.

In some personal injury cases, juries award considerable sums for compensation. 100 more words

Guest Opinion

No suit for you: Federal court dismisses California climate change cases against oil companies

Cities across the country have brought novel lawsuits seeking to hold oil companies responsible for climate change—in particular, the city’s cost to adapt to rising seas and other climate change impacts. 698 more words

Libertarian Environmentalism

universal health care = tort reform

A blogger on Quora said this recently:

“Do you support universal healthcare? Then quit smoking. Moderate or discontinue your use of drugs and alcohol. Exercise. Eat as well as your means and circumstances allow. 

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Losers Pay

It’s holiday season, so, like you, I’m spending more time at get-togethers with people like the guy who was lecturing other party-goers the other night about the evils of our court system. 710 more words


Senate Majority Leaders Announce Priority Issues for the 2018 Legislative Session


Job Opportunities and Creating a Better Environment for People to Live, Work and Conduct Business Are High on the List

JEFFERSON CITY— Creating a smaller, better government that helps to create jobs and increases meaningful work opportunities will be this year’s focus according to Senate Leader Ron Richard, R-Joplin, and Majority Floor Leader Mike Kehoe, R-Jefferson City. 305 more words