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The statewide call to bring opportunity back #momiracle

Have you ever sat in a three-legged stool that wobbled? I cannot recall ever having done so. People much smarter than me, and with a bunch of letters behind their names, say that a three-legged stool is sturdy because three points of contact form a plane and provide stability in all three dimensions.  304 more words

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Savings from 'Tort Reform' are Mythical - LA Times

Tort reform is the rallying cry of politicians to combat what they see as “frivolous lawsuits.” The have convinced a large portion of the public that insurance companies deserve better protections than everyday people. 284 more words

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Healthcare Anyone?

The problem with healthcare is healthcare and not insurance.  25% of the entire 2015 Federal budget was tagged for healthcare costs.  The Affordable Care Act was intended to provide health insurance for everyone and was inaptly coined the ‘Affordable Care Act’.   691 more words


"Hot Coffee" lawsuit comes up again in jury selection in Mississippi.

Over the last month, I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in two civil trials in Mississippi.  One was in extremely conservative Lee county in northeast Mississippi and the other in the moderate, yet conservative, Oktibbeha County in east central Mississippi.   1,367 more words


Preventable Mistakes: Code Blue conference

“First Do No Harm” Public Service Announcement to Premiere at Harkins Theaters

HOUSTON, TX, September 16, 2016 – The first public service announcement (PSA) has made its way to the big screen at Harkins Theatres in Dallas, Oklahoma, Minnesota and California, presented by The National Medical Malpractice Advocacy Association. 204 more words


Lawsuits are hard. Don't presume you have one.

A man named Ken Walton recently wrote a facebook post that gained a great deal of attention. He alleges that, due to the fact that the rental car he was driving had its license plate stolen, he and his young daughter were pulled over. 1,003 more words

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