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I was around 7 years old when the McDonald’s “hot coffee” case became famous. The way I remembered it, an old woman spilled super hot coffee on her lap, sued McDonald’s, and won millions of dollars. 833 more words

"Man Sues Neighbor for Blocking Him From WiFi Connection"

HOUSTON, TX (Habanero of Texas) — We’ve all heard stories of frivolous and crazy lawsuits being filed; and who can forget the one about the woman who spilled hot coffee on her lap and being paid millions as a result. 475 more words


Six Flags Battles Patent Troll and Wins

Six Flags has hit the brakes on a patent infringement lawsuit from a company hoping to profit from a magnetic braking system used on some of their rides. 88 more words

Kris Rowberry

Tort Reform Hasn't Worked

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”—Verbal Kint in The Usual Suspects

The second greatest trick may be the insurance industry’s success in getting more than half the states to implement “tort reform.” That achievement was based on the promise that restricting victims’ ability to bring medical malpractice suits would improve healthcare and reduce its cost. 1,057 more words

Hot Coffee

Hot Coffee will systematically dismantle every preconceived notion you may have about “frivolous lawsuits.” And then it will show you how you’ve been manipulated by a sophisticated and well-funded public relations machine. 378 more words

Tort reform – hype vs. reality

Ask any healthcare provider about what goes on during the arduous task of completing a medical professional liability renewal and you’re bound to hear about insurance market conditions and the state of insurance renewals. 1,204 more words

Property & Casualty

Defensive Medicine: Tort Reform Does Not Address Concerns

Practicing defensive medicine suggests extra or unwanted services such as: unnecessary hospitalizations, additional tests, medications, and operations; all in the mission to decrease the danger of malpractice lawsuits and minimize poor outcomes. 265 more words