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Employers’ Liability at Common Law: Morris v West Hartlepool Steam Navigation Co. Ltd [1956] A.C. 552

An important statement of the general principle: the reasonable employer has to weight up the risk against the difficulty of avoiding the risk.

Lord Reid said at p.574, 132 more words


A safe system of work at common law: employers’ liability

The following factors may assist in thinking through the question of a safe system of work:

[i] where the work is structured and routine it is easier for an employer easier to plan ahead in detail; 345 more words


Safe System of Work : General Cleaning Contractors Ltd v Christmas [1953] A.C. 180

Something of a paradigm case on safe systems of work at common law. Mr Christmas was a window cleaner. He was standing on the outside window sill cleaning a widow. 1,342 more words


Employers’ Liability and s. 69: Janice Cockerill v CXK Limited [2018] EWHC 1155 (QB)

What follows is an edited version of the judgement. Deputy High Court Judge Rowena Collins Rice said,

‘2. This happened at about 9.30am on the morning of 1st October 2013. 3,828 more words


Vicarious Liability for Independent Contractor: Various Claimants v Barclays Bank Plc [2018] EWCA Civ 1670

An application of the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Cox v Ministry of Justice UKSC 10.

The facts were that Barclays required medical examinations for people who were or wanted to be employees. 1,037 more words


No Vicarious Liability for Independent Contractor: Nassir Kafagi v JBW Group Ltd [2018] EWCA Civ 1157

An application of the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Cox v Ministry of Justice UKSC 10.

The Claimant said that he had been assaulted by bailiffs Mr [B] and Mr [F] who, he said, were the Defendant’s independent contractors. 502 more words


Legal policy and the conduct of litigation: James-Bowen v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis [2018] UKSC 40

In this case police officers were saying that the chief constable ought to have taken their interests into account when defending a claim brought against him. 546 more words

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