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Sprints and Marathons...

It’s hard sometimes, to see another relationship progressing faster than yours. You start to doubt things…yourself…your significant other and your relationship. A tiny part of you wonders why your friend and her bf said, “I love you after” after one month and it took you guys six. 1,172 more words

What do I want to shout from a megaphone?

My Grandmother had an expression she’d say to me as a little girl. She stood by observing my frenetic movement, gyrations, both feet moving, hands waving, call it a dance of sorts. 279 more words

daily 4cast: 5/5/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Moon [in Sagittarius] conjunct Saturn [in Sagittarius]
Moon [in Sagittarius] opposite Mercury [in Gemini] 81 more words


Slow and Steady Wins the Race…But It Shouldn’t

by Andrew Doscas

As much as we try to define ourselves by what we do, and what we like, it always seems like it’s the things that we don’t like, or the things that we hate, that most descriptively define who we are.  1,220 more words

Andrew Doscas

BookPeople's Day with the Legendary Jerry Pinkney!

~post by Meghan G., Children’s Book Buyer

Yesterday, we had the tremendous fortune to host one of our favorite children’s book creators, the acclaimed and many times awarded… 287 more words

Excerpt From Our Book

Michele and I are writing a book about the story of God bringing us together. We think it is a story worth telling and many have encouraged us to write it. 724 more words


2015: The Year to Come

Lots of people seem to be out posturing around what the year ahead will bring at the moment. Will it be as lucrative as last year was for many, will it be even better, or are we in for another market crash bought about by our over inflated dollar and ridiculous housing boom? 467 more words