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Carefull using Tortoise SVN and 7zip with Windows 10

Well windows 10 does not works well with tortoise SVN. by saying not works well, you can not see the file/folder status in your windows explorer but your SVN works well. 28 more words

Fix (manual) Run this if you just want to test if this helps

  1. In CMD do C:\Downloads\sqlite3.exe "C:\src\.svn\wc.db"
  2. Once in sqlite shell run delete from WORK_QUEUE;
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Subversion Tutorial

In this tutorial i would like to teach you how we can use google code(code.google.com) subversion (version control ) using netbeans IDE , its pretty simple as every other version control like tortoise svn ,visual svn ,rapid svn etc.. 155 more words



To be able to go to prior versions of our code, keep track of changes, and get our code from any computer, we use Subversion… 380 more words

Tip: Delete Unversioned Items

Having multiple branches of a project or multiple projects checked out makes it easier to quickly switch between them. But, one disadvantage of keeping multiple working copies checkout is that the temporary obj and binaries hog a lot of hard disk space, this becomes a major problem if you are using a SSD and don’t have a ton of free space. 55 more words


An Intro to Version Control

As job-hunting season comes closer, I find it important to brush up on skills I would need for getting my foot in the door and succeeding at interviews. 858 more words

Tortoise SVN Command List

When i initially installed Tortoise SVN I used to get confused between check out and export, check in and import, commit and update, etc etc… so I wrote everything on paper to better understand. 173 more words

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