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Luv and LiberaXion

You just might get it,
though it won’t arrive like you expect it.

If you think you are tricking yourself,
it is only your wildness bootstrapping itself with a grin—your rabbit mind… 103 more words


Getting Ready for Your Sulcata Tortoise

If you have ever seen Dan the Snakeman’s show, then you have likely met one of his pet Sulcata Tortoises. These giant tortoises are a lot of fun to watch and adorable as babies.   466 more words

Picking Out New Glasses

Dear Readers,

I have recently had a new addition to my accessory collection, and surprisingly enough it is a pair of new glasses! I have had the same frame (two pairs of it) for the last three years. 518 more words


Giant tortoise DNA could be the key to understanding ageing

Has the secret to a long and disease-free life been cracked? Probably not, but it appears that scientists are making some headway.

Recently, the genome of ‘Lonesome George’, the last known individual of the Pinta Island tortoise species, was sequenced and analysed by a team of scientists at Yale University and the University of Oviedo. 374 more words


Mish Mash

While I was moving photos to the external drive in preparation for the new year (I save pictures by year, then category), I came across a couple I hadn’t posted yet, plus there are a couple of new ones, taken yesterday. 282 more words