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Happy, Healthy Eating

There are many different options for feeding your tortoise.  There are commercial pelleted diets and there are more natural diets.  I’m not completely against feeding the pelleted food.  1,041 more words


How The Tortoise Garden Grew

I’m an animal lover to the core.  I always have been.  Even as a child I preferred the company of animals rather than that of people.  810 more words


On Tortoises

I write this post knowing the title alone could greatly tarnish my credibility as a blogger. Before anyone begins to imagine me as the girl with the tortoise tattoo, I promise I’m not that weird. 598 more words


Podcast: Super-Circumcise Me

The War of the Taylor Pork Roll festivals, sitting Italian-style, skull-peelings, and hooking up while your roommate pees blood! Also there’s a cat-stration. 192 more words


A Tortoise Called Eccles

I’ve started working my way down my ‘To Do’ list.

It’s a thing of real beauty, written in neat capitals, logically laid out with the ‘Screamingly Urgent’ items at the top and the ‘When you get around to it” stuff at the bottom, and is – on the whole – a work of total fiction. 592 more words


Be positive and have sweetdreams
~ thed4rkestrose


Critter Jitters

I have respect for all creatures, –well maybe not fire ants and mosquitos — but everything else. Respect is the key word that should apply to all wild animals for you and your pet’s safety. 839 more words