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The Diet of a Hermann's Tortoise

In my research on the proper care for my two favourite creatures I found many controversial accounts of what should and should not be fed to the Hermann’s tortoise and very little detail on the reasons. 331 more words


Healthy Little Tortoises

It was a big day today! Pearl and Kurma had to wake up early so we could get to the vet on time. I grabbed a container from the kitchen and filled it with some of the substrate from their table. 551 more words


The Crocodile Bank

The Madras Crocodile Park is a unique conservation centre where you can view over 2500 different reptiles in an area of about 9 acres.

Once can see various types of Crocodiles, alligators, turtles and snakes. 47 more words


Finally Some Numbers!

Today I finally had enough time to pick up a kitchen scale, a thermometer and a timer.

I’ve been doing quite well with manually flipping the lights on and off at the right times but figured I should have a timer for when they need to go on vacation or I have to get someone else to watch them for a day, then I won’t worry. 621 more words


Time to Play

Pearl came out to play a bit more today than I’ve seen her do in the last couple days. Probably because Kurma took over her hut shortly after she left it. 32 more words


"Tortoises don't climb."

In all my searching on tortoises (both generally and specifically the Hermann’s) I’ve seen many people say this. Well. I am here to prove them wrong. 554 more words