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Optical Illusion

These tortoises look like mountaineers with green rucksacks. Just saying …

Hugo xx

Happy New Year to all our friends that are surfacing from hibernation. May all of 2015’s clouds have a manageable gradient.

Tortoise Inspiration

Today is March 28, 2015. I am now 51, alive and well.

There she was in the library. About four. Wearing a red tutu with little shoes that had lace socks frothing over the top. Her brown hair hanging straight down from her center part. 352 more words

Meet The Lucky Tortoise Who Got A Brand New 3D-Printed Shell From University Students

A baby tortoise with a LEGO wheelchair is one thing, a brand new shell created with 3D printing technology by university students is another. That’s precisely what happened to a leopard tortoise named in Cleopatra who lives in Colorado. 138 more words



The Galapagos Islands were a destination in Ecuador we debated about visiting for a long time – we knew we wanted to go one day, but the expense was making us baulk. 1,724 more words


Watch This Tortoise Slowly Chase The Man Who Interrupted His Sexy Time

Imagine this — everything on your date has gone perfectly. Dinner was delicious, the conversation was great, and the drinks weren’t too debilitating. So you and your date decide to leave the public eye for a more private rendezvous. 69 more words

Web Culture

Pet Problems

Wild animals are being illegally caught and taken out of their natural habitats. The animals are then sold as pets. It is a dangerous business. 130 more words

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The ballad of Lonesome George

When Lonesome George — the last Chelonoidis nigra abingdoni (Pinta Island Giant Tortoise) — died in 2012, I wrote

As the last of his kind, Lonesome George was a living symbol of the struggle to protect the Gálapagos — and other fragile environments — from the destruction wrought through human activity. 

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