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Writing while taking a dump: Special Edition

Attention, please.—One does not need to paint the shell of a tortoise that has learned to speak for itself. 154 more words

Writing While Taking A Dump

Watch These Tiny Turtles Eat Pancakes And Try Not To Explode Your Heart

As far as cute animal videos go, you can’t get more adorable than combining tiny living things with tiny versions of delicious foods that are generally meant for a demographic other than hamsters, rabbits or turtles. 87 more words

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Forty-one and fighting.

I wrote this exercise for my Write Club group a couple of weeks ago. I call it I am born and it’s simpler than a two times table or the sky in a child’s painting or… other random things that are also quite simple.  830 more words



Sitting right atop the Equator, approximately 600 miles directly west of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands had no original inhabitants. They were discovered in 1535 by Tomas de Berlanga, the Spanish Bishop of Panama, when his ship drifted by the islands.The Galapagos Islands first appeared on maps in the late 16th century, and were named Islands of the Tortoises in reference to the giant tortoises found there. 453 more words