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The Ask and The Answer by Patrick Ness

I loved the first book in this Chaos Walking series, and the sequel improved on the original! This was fantastic and amazing. And I’ll say it again, SO NOT A CHILDREN’S BOOK. 1,442 more words



WARNING:  Graphic Images

News of the deliberate crash of a German airliner a few weeks ago [1] eclipsed the story of a 19 y.o. who fatally stabbed his mother and critically injured his grandmother, in the Philadelphia home the three shared [2]. 242 more words

Child Abuse

Drawn and quartered

(July, 2013)

News item:

Soccer fanaticism in Brazil reached dangerously high levels when a mob attacked and murdered a referee following an argument with a player.

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Think Pieces

Decampment .... Gabriel's Fable

What makes you so different to me?

Gabriel knelt, his head bowed. Matted blood, thick in his short cropped hair, splashed through the air as the steel pipe whistled through the air, after connecting with his face. 1,870 more words

Short Stories

My latest news!

I hope this post find everyone well.  We’re already in mid-April and so far this year I haven’t posted any updates on what I’m doing and my various projects which superficially might give the impression that I’m rather busy. 1,339 more words