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The Wonderful World of Witchcraft: Finding Your Witch 101

The witchcraft believed by the Renaissance populace was frightening. Witches were attributed with amazing powers. They could fly (either on their own or on the backs of creatures and demons) change into wolves or other animals, pass through locked doors and solid walls, control the thoughts of others and “bewitch” or kill with a look. 732 more words


Remote Control

This is how a great synergy starts. I’ve been sluggish about unpacking, so to motivate me I made a deal with n
my sub. For every box I got unpacked and put away, she added a clothespin. 52 more words


Disclaimer: this post was written months ago and was inspired by happenings in my school. It is not in any way related to present circumstances in the country. 189 more words


Running From Safety.

After (very thankfully) a lot of years on the planet I’ve only quite recently come to know and understand a part of myself that was a mystery. 982 more words


Footprints on shattered glasses

She walked bare-footed on broken glasses. With every step she took, blood drops left the marks. These are the prints of what runs through her veins. 36 more words


Reprieve: UK refuses to stop spying on rendition victims

Reprieve: +44 (0) 207 553 8140

For immediate release: Mon 30 March 2015

UK Government refuses to stop spying on rendition victims

The UK government is refusing to guarantee that it will not misuse the intercepted lawyer-client communications of two rendition victims in their legal cases again the British government. 384 more words