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Deadly Duo: Leonard Thomas Lake and Charles Chi-Tat Ng killed between 11 and 25 people; Lake committed suicide and Ng is on death row

Harvey Dubs, 29
Deborah Dubs, 33
Sean Dubs, infant
Lonnie Bond Sr., 27
Brenda O’Connor, 19
Lonnie Bond Jr., infant
Clifford Peranteau, 24
Robin Scott Stapley, 24… 230 more words


The Soul Catcher

Welcome to hell.

At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what it must feel like for my main character Jemma.

Thrown into a world full of death, blood, murder, witches, demons and a plethora of other supernaturals, Jemma has to decide whether to try and run and save herself, or whether to stay and try and save the lives of others. 443 more words


The Cell (The Walking Dead 7x03)

A full episode about Dwight and Daryl? What sounded boring in fact also ended up rather boring. However, the show fleshed out a character who we were never really interested in, making the viewer wonder if Dwight is actually as bad as we had thought he was or also a victim of Negan’s leadership. 917 more words


Psychiatrie Macht Frei...(huh?) Art Work

All i can say is everything in this picture was as deliberate as i know how to make it, without planning it at all, and it contains symbolism both public and private. 149 more words


Please Bite me....

OK, i’ve had this particular fantasy before i knew what Dominance was and i continue to have it more so nowadays! i want to be completely taken by a Sadistic Vampire! 122 more words


'European Union paying Turkish torture prisons'

This Associated Press video says about itself:

25 July 2016

Illegal behavior, scary images: torture in Turkey

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

‘Investigate whether…

218 more words
Human Rights

Thanks to Trump, No More Ameri-Splaining

By Ted Rall/ rall.com/ December 7, 2016


A shining city on a hill,” Ronald Reagan called America (by way of the Puritan  authoritarian John Winthrop).  758 more words