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Vegans are always lamenting over the bad treatment toward nonhuman animals by humans (the human animal).

We’re all animals, so why no camaraderie toward other species? 1,120 more words


Part One: Can we learn from history? Perhaps the question is what can we learn from history? Or why don’t we learn from history?

What follows is the first of a three-part series, a result of my recent visit to Poland. In Part One, I grapple with visions of Auschwitz. 772 more words

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Iron Fist - The Mistress of All Agonies (Review)

Inevitably, being a street-level superhero show that owes a huge stylistic debt to Daredevil, Iron Fist inevitably wades into the whole “thou shalt not kill” 3,643 more words


Ways to Keep Your Ex from Torturing You [TIPS]

After a relationship ends sometimes our exes can be so cruel! Posting about their wonderful lives or even making shady comments about why they decided to end things with you. 55 more words

Bet On Black

Activist Who Rejected TV Confession Invites CCTV Interviewer to Be Witness at His Trial

Wu Gan, March 24, 2017

Well-known human rights activist Wu Gan (吴淦) was arrested in May 2015. After a brief period of custody in his home province Fujian, he was taken to Tianjin as part of the… 1,403 more words

Rule Of Law

Speaking in our native language. (updated)

Hello lovelies. We always used to say, “You can’t understand what we have been through”. We have ignored our love of sound for decades out of imagination suppression due to trauma. 163 more words


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  Having a tough recovery day? Hang in there. If anyone understands how rough recovery is, it’s us. 122 more words