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Week 6: Season Two Episodes 21-24: Torture and Interrogation in the United States: Glamorized or Real?

I was eager to view the last four episodes of Season Two of Homeland, even more so since I had prior knowledge of what will transpire, culminating into the best ending of a season in this series. 901 more words

Recovery, Left Wanting… Is This What Freedom Feels Like?

So tired, feeling.

So old, feeling.

So much exploited, dragged through the mud

and left for dead.

I need to sleep.

I *need* to sleep. 31 more words


Syrian Actor Jamal Soliman Makes a Plea for Democracy: It Is a Culture, a Way of Life, Not a Magic Solution | MEMRI - The Middle East Media Research Institute


It isn’t often that we hear from actual Syrians about their own perspective on the destabilization of the Arab world. Western news agencies and Western politicians are all too eager to feed us their simplistic opinions clothed as “fact,” ignoring the perceptions and lived experience of those who actually live there. 147 more words

Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom


A special warning for this trailer – graphic violence, and this is only the tip of the iceberg!

Introductory Thoughts

It’s not too common for me to add a more serious and ‘intellectual review’ but sometimes, because the movie requires it, it has to be. 2,054 more words



“Tommy oh Tommy!” You’ll scream in great fright,

“Have mercy!” Your’ll beg, as I watch in delight.

“Unfortunately for you.” I’ll say with great glee, 12 more words



My mother told me an incident that happened in her life. I put myself in my mother’s shoes and felt the helplessness she went through. It begins with a death. 1,489 more words

Your Taxes Are Funding a Secret, Multibillion-Dollar Government Enterprise That Tortures and Kills Tens of Millions of Animals Every Year

Last week—following criticism from bipartisan Congress members, citizens, press, and advocacy groups like the White Coat Waste Project, a nonprofit that seeks to eliminate cruel, wasteful and unnecessary taxpayer-funded animal testing—the U.S. 1,041 more words

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