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Plain Speaking About Torture - Ireland's Hooded Men Betrayed

On Tuesday March 20 2018 the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) decided that in August 1971, during an Internment Operation in the six counties of Northern Ireland, the British State did not… 325 more words


Three Types of Torture You Probably Haven't Heard About

Photo Credit: Dark Messages by Nic McPhee

You’ve probably heard of the pear of anguish, rat torture (thank you, Game of Thrones, for that particular nightmare), and thumbscrews. 608 more words



Chains shackled against the cold hard concrete, I was bounded yet again as a war crime. Stripped naked, I was blast with the spotlights hanging all around me.  372 more words


Tesslynn's story.

Originally this article was going to be about 3 children’s death that changed laws (I may still do this in a later date) however after doing research into similar cases I best assumed they deserved their own articles about their short lives. 1,126 more words

Repeal Forced Torture

Respect human life, free will and freedom of conscience:
Humanity should not be forced, deceived nor blackmailed to be subjected to severe physical, physiological and psychological trauma and warfare. 214 more words


Siblings allegedly held captive said to experience freedom for 1st time

(ABC News) — After what is described as a lifetime of imprisonment in a cramped, squalid home near Riverside, California, seven of the 13 siblings who were allegedly held captive by their parents got their first taste of freedom last week, ABC News has exclusively learned. 876 more words