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Mi Casa feat. Tortured Soul - Come A Little Closer (34 Music)

Mi Casa‘s J Something made a cameo appearence on Tortured Soul‘s ‘Don’t Lead Me On’ earlier on this year. Now, the latter return the favor on… 55 more words


Tortured Soul - Fall In Love (live) (Central Park Recordings)

Originally made of John-Christian Ulrich (Lead vocals, drums), Jason Krieveloff, better known as JKriv (backing vocals, bass) who left back in 2010 to focus on his own record label (replaced from then by… 107 more words


Poem: Life Without You

Life without you is autumn,
Where my tears fall like leaves,
Where cruel times just don’t want to leave,
Where your memories haunt me like a ghost, 140 more words


Peccata Remissa

Remember this: Untitled Illustration?

I did not forget, it is now completed :)

This theme is inspired by the Vikings tv series (although I don’t really like watching it now) 15 more words


My trip to (a) Battlefield

The sleep deprived fog has lifted! Helped in no small part by a rare child free field trip away from the homestead.

My grasp of history is pretty good but I didn’t really know much about the Battle of Shrewsbury in 1403, until yesterday. 697 more words



If suicide victims go to hell then I’m breathing inside of a purgatory.


That tortured soul, the poet

When I look at the lives of the poets, I understand what’s wrong with me. They were willing to make the sacrifices that I’m not willing to make. 83 more words