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Vampire "Angel" Speedpaint

After a hiatus from drawing,  here is a speedpaint (few hours) of the vampire “Angel” from the tv series.

Here is the work process:


The Heart's Longing - Blog No. 1

Those who have hearts will recognise the familiar deep ache that signifies the alignment between the longing and the longed-for. A heart grown of patient longing for the long-awaited is not a weak heart. 217 more words



Subsisting on coffee and cigarettes
Death is so slow
But we’ve met
Not much point to go on
Another night
Another dawn
My dreams I can’t accomplish… 112 more words


Long live creative royalty.

I never really know how to handle losses like these on this blog. After all, I didn’t know Prince personally (no one I know did – if you did, let me know), I never saw him in concert, and I cannot rattle of facts about him like I could for John Mayer, or say, Amy Winehouse. 665 more words

Holly A. Phillips

Two Kings and a Prince

(Or the Cape, the Glove and the Purple)

Editor’s note: there have been multiple reports that Prince had been treated for a pain killer overdose just a few weeks ago. 143 more words



To her thoughts she said, “I’ve had a rough past
that needs no more rehashing, so excuse me
while I excuse myself from constantly
recounting all the failures. 26 more words


Ballad of a Lost Loved One

Celebrate the amber light;

and warmly kiss the sun!

Appreciate the valiant plight;

of that long lost loved one!

Initiate what we’ll remember;

with soft and muted tones! 71 more words