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Solidarity with Aderonke Apata

Content note: This post discusses lesbophobia and treatment of migrant women

Aderonke Apata is a lesbian woman who was born in Nigeria. There, she faced absolute horrors. 661 more words

Rage At The System

Still The Enemy Within (2014)

The Miners Strike of 1984-1985 changed Britain for the worse. Purely to defeat the organised working class, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher announced pit closures, being perfectly willing to get rid of an entire industry, judging quite rightly that none of them voted for the Conservatives anyway. 597 more words


the tory formula for battering the poor

The party of the wealthy, the Tories, hate the working class just as much as their rich paymasters do, and have developed a method of targeting the cuts to hurt the poorest amongst us the most. 49 more words

Class War

Tax fraud isn't HSBC's only crime: there's money-laundering as well

The Guardian‘s Polly Toynbee gets it 100% right in her latest column; this week’s¬†revelations about HSBC should be a gift to Labour if the party leadership make the most of it: 468 more words

Jim D

2014 in review

Content note: this post discusses sexual violence and police violence

And so we reach the end of the year, and despite promising myself I wouldn’t do this, I am doing one of those icky “look back over the past year” kind of things, I’m doing it anyway (I was also meant to stop smoking this year, and I didn’t). 958 more words


A message to Lady Jenkin from George Orwell

Above: Orwell enjoying a nice cup of tea

Baroness Anne Jenkin, the Tory peer who has advised the poor to eat porridge instead of “sugary cereals” and to learn to cook, would do well to read some Orwell and learn some humanity – and humility: 379 more words

Jim D