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Theresa May's car-crash interview on Trident

Oh dear: and she’s supposed to be a “straight” politician:

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Gove's 'interview' reveals: Trump out to destroy the EU

The miserable worm Gove has crawled all the way across the Atlantic to suck up to Trump (in the slime-trail of Farage), and his “interview” with the scum-bag appears in today’s… 761 more words

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Theresa May and the "Shared Society"

Cartoon: Ben Jennings, Guardian

By Phil Burton-Cartledge (first published at Phil’s blog All That Is Solid)

When you’re a leading politician and especially a Prime Minister, the pressure is on to stand for something. 930 more words

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The Beeb's craven capitulation to Brexit continues ...

Above: Gove repeats his Brexit lies, scarcely challenged  by Stephanie Flanders

Many of us were genuinely shocked by the failure of supposedly serious BBC journalists to challenge the lies of the Brexit leaders during the referendum campaign, and the willingness of the BBC news to  260 more words

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Under the guise of “think of the children”, the Government wants to spy on YOUR internet activity. Yes, rooting out paedophiles is a good thing, especially in a culture where child sex abuse has been revealed to be endemic, but like so many “well-intentioned” ideas I feel this could fall flat on its face. 237 more words

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'Standpoint' and the craven capitulation of "respectable" conservatives

“Heil Trump!” This is what “respectable” conservatives are kowtowing before 344 more words

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Equality and Human Rights Commission letter "to all political parties"

A good letter from the Commission, except for the cop-out phrase “attacks on supporters of both sides of the Brexit debate”: we all know that the racism, abuse and physical violence has come from just one side: “Leave.” 787 more words

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