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Post-Election Left Wing Hate Watch, Part Three

And so another supposedly peaceful left-wing anti-austerity protest (this one timed to coincide with the Queen’s Speech) ended with the now-familiar scenes of an beleaguered right-wing politician being escorted to safety by police with  764 more words


Stalinists tie themselves in knots over EU referendum

The Communist Party of Britain and its mouthpiece the Morning Star, are all over the place on the forthcoming EU referendum. Never mind their… 657 more words

Jim D

Sleaford Mods...

…were excellent. It was maybe even one of the best gigs that I’ve been to. Jason Willamson’s rhythmic, angry ranting was on top form (his one-liners rank very highly); Andrew Fearn was just… ya know… doing his thing; everyone there was just so… 84 more words


Scotland takes the Left road, England takes the Right?

  • Above: Tory propaganda boosts the SNP’s “left-wing” image

Rhodri Evans (of Workers Liberty) responds to a lot of current nonsense about Scotland somehow being  703 more words

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Left Wing Hyperbole Watch

This thoughtful poem was contributed by a reader today. It is presented here exactly as it was sent to me – I think it speaks for itself. 103 more words


09-05-15 (S.O.U.L. - Save Our Urban London)

2 shot Panorama, Fuji X-T1

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Emergency Store Cupboard Brownies

We have awoken to a bleak, bleak day. The Tories have won an outright majority – something we didn’t think was possible yesterday morning – and support for UKIP is climbing terrifyingly high. 298 more words