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That NICS capitulation: why not just ask The Mail what's acceptable?

I hate to admit this, but Hammond’s proposed increase in national insurance contributions (NICS) for the self employed wasn’t such a bad idea.

It would have been a modest, progressive increase in the national insurance contributions paid by the better-off self-employed while abolishing the £2.85 per week flat-rate contribution paid by those earning less than £16,250. 221 more words

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Pimlico Plumbers case and the gig economy

Above: boss Charlie Mullins in characteristic pose

The Court of Appeal yesterday ruled that a plumber who claims he was sacked following a heart attack, was a ‘worker’ and thus entitled to some work-related rights, according to the decision in… 727 more words

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Ronald Coyne and Tory fanaticism

Earlier this week, a Tory extremist burnt a £20 note in front of a homeless person.

Ronald Coyne, a communications officer of the Cambridge University Conservative Association, was filmed committing the atrocity after a night on the town with friends. 402 more words


To oppose Trump you have to oppose Brexit!

 Illustration: Martin Rowson (Guardian)

By John Rogan
It amazes me that there are many Labour MPs who say there is a “Tory Brexit” and a “Labour Brexit”. 280 more words

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Theresa May's car-crash interview on Trident

Oh dear: and she’s supposed to be a “straight” politician:

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Gove's 'interview' reveals: Trump out to destroy the EU

The miserable worm Gove has crawled all the way across the Atlantic to suck up to Trump (in the slime-trail of Farage), and his “interview” with the scum-bag appears in today’s… 761 more words

Champagne Charlie

Theresa May and the "Shared Society"

Cartoon: Ben Jennings, Guardian

By Phil Burton-Cartledge (first published at Phil’s blog All That Is Solid)

When you’re a leading politician and especially a Prime Minister, the pressure is on to stand for something. 930 more words

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