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Under the guise of “think of the children”, the Government wants to spy on YOUR internet activity. Yes, rooting out paedophiles is a good thing, especially in a culture where child sex abuse has been revealed to be endemic, but like so many “well-intentioned” ideas I feel this could fall flat on its face. 237 more words

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'Standpoint' and the craven capitulation of "respectable" conservatives

“Heil Trump!” This is what “respectable” conservatives are kowtowing before 344 more words

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Equality and Human Rights Commission letter "to all political parties"

A good letter from the Commission, except for the cop-out phrase “attacks on supporters of both sides of the Brexit debate”: we all know that the racism, abuse and physical violence has come from just one side: “Leave.” 787 more words

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Clive Lewis letter to Secretary of State on Nissan deal

2nd November, 2016 

Above: Clive Lewis

Dear Rt Hon Greg Clark MP,

I am writing to request a meeting with you to discuss the details and broader implications of the assurances given to Nissan regarding their decision to build its new models in Sunderland. 579 more words

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Taking Back Cuntrol: a post-Brexit marmite made from vaginal yeast

Content note: this post is about food

A few weeks ago Britain had its first taste of food shortages after it voted to crash its economy. 1,256 more words

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Shockingly bad science journalism in the Guardian

Content note: this post discusses mental illness, mentions self harm, suicide and sexual violence

It’s been a while since I’ve considered the Guardian a decent source of news, but sometimes things get egregious. 679 more words

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Schools collecting immigration data is racist. Boycott this data collection.

This year’s schools census has sneakily added something in, something which may at first seem¬†relatively innocuous, but on closer inspection is very frightening indeed. This year’s schools census is collecting data on children’s country of birth. 426 more words

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