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When Jeremy Hunt took on Stephen Hawking over the NHS

Remember when that pipsqueak Jeremy Hunt had the audacity to take on Stephen Hawking over the NHS? It was August 2017

The controversy began when Hawking gave a speech at the Royal Society of Medicine in which he said: “The crisis in the NHS has been caused by political decisions.” 408 more words

Tory Scum

Tory lies: Corbyn and the Labour left opposed the Stalinist regimes

From the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign:


Following a series of press lies against British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn linking him to  Czechoslovakian communist  intelligence, the International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox engaged in a wider smear against the entire Labour left. 2,315 more words

Labour Party

Arrogant Brexiteers better get used to the Irish standing up to them

This superb piece by the Irish Independent‘s Colette Brown was written in early December, but is now more relevant than ever. These staunch Brexiteers and supporters of the union, for instance, would do well to read it and think on … 1,033 more words


Now Brexit fanatics openly attack the Good Friday Agreement

Above: Hoey and an ideological soul-mate

Remember how during the referendum, the Leave campaign dismissed all claims that the Good Friday Agreement (aka Belfast accord) could be undermined by Brexit as ‘scaremongering’? 323 more words


The liar and conman Boris Johnson: the ultimate denunciation

Q: How can you tell when he’s lying? A: His lips move

Boris Johnson has today made a speech, widely trailed as “reaching out” to pro-EU people, in an attempt to convince us that Brexit won’t be the carnival of reaction that it so far shows every sign of being. 454 more words


Oxfam scandal gives nativist right a new opportunity

   Cartoon: Martin Rowson, in the Guardian

Jacob Rees-Mogg has delivered a petition to Theresa May from readers of the Daily Express calling for the aid budget to be cut. 581 more words


The Telegraph, Nick Timothy and conspiracy theories

Above: Timothy (pic, Daily Telegraph)

I do not know whether or not Nick Timothy, or anyone else at the Daily Telegraph, is an anti-Semite or a deliberate promoter of conspiracy theories about Jewish influence. 326 more words