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Labour Leadership Focus: Interview With Andy Burnham

Andy Burnham is not without good ideas, some of them even quite radical. But they risk being drowned out by an over-willingness to indulge in the Labour Party’s favourite hobby: raging against the Evil Tories… 2,187 more words


Harriet Harman, Celebrated Feminist, Calls Margaret Thatcher A 'Witch'

Acting Labour Leader Harriet Harman gave a very revealing interview to the Guardian this weekend, looking back on her career as she prepares to return to the backbenches after serving in the party leadership since 2007. 972 more words


Right to Strike campaign responds to Trade Union Bill

Say no to anti union laws!

Union branches call for huge mobilisation against Trade Union BillTrade unionists in branches across different unions have come together in a ‘Right to Strike’ campaign which aims to defeat the government’s Trade Union Bill, and fight for the repeal of existing trade union legislation. 276 more words


Post-Election Left Wing Hate Watch, Part Four - The Owen Jones Intervention

Owen Jones is clearly channelling the British Left’s guilty conscience.

As the stories of left-wing hysteria and bad behaviour following the Conservative election victory rack up, at least one left-wing commentator is finally starting to feel a sense of shame and embarrassment at the words being said and misdeeds committed in the name of so-called principled opposition to the Evil Tories. 1,546 more words


Post-Election Left Wing Hate Watch, Part Three

And so another supposedly peaceful left-wing anti-austerity protest (this one timed to coincide with the Queen’s Speech) ended with the now-familiar scenes of an beleaguered right-wing politician being escorted to safety by police with  764 more words


Stalinists tie themselves in knots over EU referendum

The Communist Party of Britain and its mouthpiece the Morning Star, are all over the place on the forthcoming EU referendum. Never mind their… 657 more words

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