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Arrogant Brexiteers better get used to the Irish standing up to them

Superb commentary by the Irish Independent‘s Colette Browne (5 Dec 2017)

 Theresa May and Leo Varadkar

The UK government’s arrogant colonial mindset, and its patronising belief that it knows best when it comes to Ireland, is the reason the Brexit negotiations are such an unmitigated omnishambles. 1,024 more words

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Brexit and Ireland: DUP sabotages May's deal

“I have in my hand a piece of paper”; cartoon: Martin Rowson (the Guardian)

Until the DUP vetoed it all, May appeared to be on the verge of putting the interests of the British people and the majority of Irish people, North and South, ahead of placating a minority of bigots in Northern Ireland and in the Commons (on both the DUP and the Tory benches). 1,166 more words

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Why Damian Green should be sacked (but probably won't be)

Illustration: Martin Rowson (the Guardian)

The first rule of defending yourself against an allegation is to decide on your story and stick to it. The second rule is not to confuse matters by introducing another line of defence that, in effect, undermines your story. 431 more words

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The Irish border problem: the dogs in the street know who's to blame ... but not Her Majesty's Loyal Communist Party

  The highly fortified police station in the border village of Crossmaglen, Northern Ireland, in 2005. Photograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

The Irish have an expression, “even the dogs in the street know…”, meaning a statement of the bleedin’ obvious. 899 more words

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Tories in chaos, Daily Mail in despair

Excellent news from Conservative Home:


Monday 2nd October 2017

“Senior figures” urge removal of Boris as Foreign Secretary

“Infighting dominated the start of the Tory conference yesterday as Theresa May came under pressure to rein in Boris Johnson. 166 more words

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Does the Telegraph think Europe's security should be a "bargaining chip"?

 The Telegraph is generally keen on May’s speech, but suggests she may have given away her “strongest bargaining chip” … 

One of the more outrageous, irresponsible and disgraceful elements of May’s  205 more words

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