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Theresa May's immigration speech: "dangerous and factually wrong" (Daily Telegraph)

From that well-known leftie publication, The Daily Telegraph … and I can’t improve on it:

By James Kirkup

It’s hard to know where to start with Theresa May’s awful, ugly, misleading, cynical and irresponsible speech to the Conservative Party conference today. 167 more words

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Hatred Of The "Tory Scum" Will Not Save The Left From Creeping Irrelevance

Jeremy Corbyn’s election as leader of the Labour Party promised the return of genuine ideological difference and the end of stale consensus in British politics. 1,237 more words


Expel Adonis!

As a general rule I’m against calling for the expulsion of anyone from the Labour Party, if only because I’m well aware that in doing so I could well be making a rod for my own back. 243 more words

Labour Party

Dear liberals: please stop derailing things about protest by ~condemning the violence~

Apparently someone gobbed at a journalist yesterday. And a Tory got some egg on him.

Oh, and there was a protest where 60,000 people protested the Tory choices which are literally killing people. 577 more words

Media Bollocks

Tory Party Conference: The Left's Ugly Side Reveals Itself In Manchester

Welcome to the New Politics, brought to you by the sulphurous, black heart of the modern British Left

Well, it was inevitable.

After spending the entirety of the general election campaign and the months following Labour’s defeat screaming hysterically about the Evil Tories and their supposed persecution of “the vulnerable” (funny how almost everyone in Britain is now in a state of permanent vulnerability, according to the Left), some of those protesting the Conservative Party conference in Manchester are now taking matters into their own hands. 1,093 more words


Will Left Wing Rage Lead To Violence At The Conservative Party Conference?

The Corbyn-loving Left may talk about a kinder, gentler politics, but mention the Tories and the thoughts of some quickly turn to violence

The problem with being so utterly convinced of your own moral superiority is that it tends to have a dehumanising effect on how you view those who think differently, making you more likely to say or do things that most people would never ordinarily countenance. 1,296 more words


Pig Fucker (Poem)

Pig Fucker

And I thought we had it bad.
That poor pig.

spending your whole life
waiting around
to be carved up

then having David Cameron… 89 more words

This Ain't Shakespeare