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The DUP: the *really* nasty party

By Micheál MacEoin
(This was written shortly before the desperate deal was finalised, and also appears on the Workers Liberty website):

The Conservative Party’s loss of their parliamentary majority has left Theresa May reliant on Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), a hard-right organisation which has 10 MPs in the House of Commons. 1,586 more words

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Even after Grenfell the Tories still lust after a "bonfire of red tape" - and will use Brexit to pursue it

Above: Cameron’s stunt that backfired

“In our commitment to be the first Government to reduce regulation, we have introduced the one in, two out rule for regulation … Under that rule, when the Government introduce a regulation, we will identify two existing ones to be removed. 892 more words

Jim D

Grenfell Tower: ruling class criminal negligence

“People were waving scarves, flashing phones, torches, flapping their windows back and forth, crying for help … At first people were trying to help them, pushing at cordons. 755 more words

Jim D

Grenfell Action Group: "All our warnings fell on deaf ears"

It is becoming apparent that the residents of Grenfell Tower had made repeated representations to the (Tory) Council and the so-called Tenant Management Committee, about their fears over the safety of the building. 227 more words

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May fails!

Steve Bell (with whom we sometimes have our differences) in the Gruan the day before the election:

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How to vote the Tories out: a newbies' guide to tactical voting

Hello. You’re here because you don’t want a Tory government in the future. Maybe you’re disabled. Maybe you’re young. Maybe you’re elderly. Maybe you’re queer, or a person of colour, or poor. 2,047 more words

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