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Shockingly bad science journalism in the Guardian

Content note: this post discusses mental illness, mentions self harm, suicide and sexual violence

It’s been a while since I’ve considered the Guardian a decent source of news, but sometimes things get egregious. 679 more words

Media Bollocks

Schools collecting immigration data is racist. Boycott this data collection.

This year’s schools census has sneakily added something in, something which may at first seem relatively innocuous, but on closer inspection is very frightening indeed. This year’s schools census is collecting data on children’s country of birth. 426 more words

Tory Scum

Whatever happened to that "£350m-a-week for the NHS" promise?

The Brexit liars must never be allowed to forget this.

In a letter circulated by Open Britain, Labour MPs urge Brexit campaigners, like supposedly “Labour” disgrace Gisela Stewart, to come clean about the most brazen of their many lies: 320 more words

Jim D

Is Theresa May A Feminist Icon? Listen to KILLJOY FM for why she really, really isn't

My friend, feminist extraordinaire Ray Filar, has started a really good radio show, and they were kind enough to invite me on the inaugural episode, where we discussed the question, is Theresa May a feminist icon? 116 more words

Media Bollocks

Blocking fat people and smokers from accessing healthcare hits our most scapegoated punchbags

Content note: this post discusses gatekeeping healthcare, and structural oppressions

Various NHS commissioning groups have decided to cut costs by blocking access to surgery for people… 755 more words

Rage At The System

Southern Rail dispute: blame the government's Wilkinson for sabotaging the talks

  • DfT director Peter Wilkinson predicted “punch ups” with train drivers, saying  those who resist should “get the hell out of my industry”

Amid the sound and fury surrounding the RMT’s strike on Southern Rail, one name is gradually emerging as having played a crucial role in having ensured the action went ahead: Peter Wilkinson. 372 more words

Jim D

The New Statesman Is Preaching Hatred And Fear Of Conservatives

Be tolerant and respect the sincerely held political views of other people. Unless those people happen to be Tory Scum…

Apparently, as we seek to move on from the EU referendum in the post Jo Cox era, we are all supposed to be more civil to one another and focus on what unites us rather than what divides us. 1,464 more words

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