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Council takes back public libraries as Carillion collapses

GENE BRODIE, our bookish gyms correspondent, on Croydon’s prompt response to the collapse of outsourcing giant Carillion

Croydon Council moved quickly this morning to take back control of the borough’s libraries from contractor Carillion. 474 more words

Croydon Council

Fumbling along

It’s been a busy few days politically, so where to begin?

The big story was going to be the Cabinet shuffle. It ended up less of a shuffle, more a misdeal. 695 more words


Britain is ‘at breaking point’ and it’s not about immigration. Why we need to properly fund the NHS.

‘Discontent arises from a knowledge of the possible, as contrasted to the actual.’

These are the words of my greatest hero, Nye Bevan, of course founder of the NHS, Britain’s greatest peacetime achievement. 445 more words


Toby Young? You’ve got to be f$cking joking!

The University sector has greeted the appointment, as a regulator, of The Honourable Toby ‘I destroy schools as a hobby’ Young, with muted applause. In fact many academics likened it to putting King Herod in charge of nursery provision. 164 more words


"We're all human"

These are the words of a rough sleeper in Windsor imploring for the council to retract their comments and their call for the police to remove rough sleepers from the streets in the run up to the Royal Wedding. 866 more words