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DIY comic book, well, Star Trek, everyday flats!

I’ve made comic book shoes before, but they have all been heels. I love to wear heels, but granted, not everyone does. I often get questions if it’s possible to make comic book flats as well, and of course it is! 652 more words


A Little Chekov Love

Going through some publicity and promo shots — Let’s have a little love for Walter Koenig (Chekov) — the ‘Davy Jones’ of TOS!   I love the last one with the fan and fan magazine against the… 15 more words

Star Trek

#72 - The Mark of Gideon

Another episode whose plot was so silly that I couldn’t take this poster too seriously!   I found Odona and her father especially grating!   At least Spock had some good scenes.  6 more words

Star Trek

Confession #6: The Naked Time

i have planned conversations for when i finally meet someone who is also obsessed with star trek tos. i have a whole thing about how annoying it is that i have to make the sound from “the naked time” every time my hand itches. 10 more words


Star Trek - A Private Little War

In which Kirk revisits a primitive planet he’d surveyed early in his career only to find the Klingons sniffing around and interfering. Kirk’s chums, known as the tribe, are being menaced by another group, the villagers, who have firesticks provided by the Klingon empire. 324 more words


Star Trek - The Immunity Syndrome

In which Spock senses over 400 Vulcans die, leading the Enterprise to investigate a space anomaly. They find themselves in an area of space where there is no light, no data and the laws of physics don’t quite apply. 196 more words