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Tree of Savior

     Every once in a gaming generation, among the giant blockbusters and over hyped game releases, some gamers are lucky to stumble upon a beloved game produced by smaller game companies. 690 more words


Star Trek - The Paradise Syndrome

In which the Enterprise crew investigate an idyllic sylvan planet, threatened by an asteroid. Cue some lovely location filming and then, bizarrely, explicitly identified Native American tribal folk. 456 more words


Star Trek - And the children shall lead

In which the Enterprise crew answer a distress call from a scientific expedition only to find that all the adults are dead and the children are in incredibly good spirits. 304 more words


Pod Trek episod 9 : Balance of Terror

Sommaren är slut och det betyder att Pod Trek är tillbaka!
Jens har spelat magic, Carl har varit på turné i Dalarna och Erik är inte helt säker på vad han har gjort. 70 more words

Star Trek

Star Trek - Spock's Brain

In which a woman, clad in a garment that could only be described as Cadbury’s Dairy Milk wrapper purple, beams aboard the Enterprise. She steals Spock’s brain and high-tails it out of there. 416 more words


Foot, Head, Hand - Town of Salem #1

First time filming and uploading a Town of Salem video – luck was destined to never be on my side. Watch as I get extremely unlucky n1. 225 more words

Foot Head Hand

FOSS Field Trip

This post is related to my participation in the POSSE 2015 Stage 1 Part B activity “FOSS Field Trip”. I chose to explore open source projects related to healthcare. 216 more words