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Let the light shine...

As you all know, I wanted to try out light therapy with the boy. The darker days of winter have an impact on the boy. 916 more words


Wideo Wednesday Part 1 - Rare TOS Footage from The Roddenberry Vault

I can’t stop watching this! So great to see these outtakes and Leonard’s concentration on making Spock just right!  I know what I want for Christmas! 13 more words


This Day in Movie History - December 6th, 1991 - Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country Released in Theaters

The final feature film featuring the entire original cast of Star Trek was released 25 years ago today.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered County was written by Nicholas Meyer and Denny Martin Flynn and directed by Meyer. 229 more words

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IP Header is defined in RFC 791, this header includes a 1 byte field called the Type of Service (ToS) byte.  This Tos byte is used to mark the packet for a specific type of treatment or prioritization. 109 more words


The Enemy Within: A Criticism

For those who do not know, the plot of this episode revolves around a transporter malfunction. For some reason the transporter starts splitting the beings who come through into two, one with their good qualities, the other with their bad qualities. 2,393 more words

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Fuck YouTube's Anti-bullying TOS

(Intro)(Slide 1 – stick and YT logo)Fuck the new YouTube anti-bullying Terms of Service(Slide 2 – Diaglogue)But Cowpie, YouTube is a safe place where content creators should be allowed to express themselves freely without fear of bullying.(Slide 3 – Dialogue 2)No, nope.  1,568 more words