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"The Alternative Factor"- S01E27- 03/30/1967- Stardate 3087.6

Worst episode so far.  The words “boring” and “convoluted” come to mind.

The Enterprise, and indeed the entire universe, is caught up in a madman with terrible facial hair’s pursuit of his nemesis, himself from a parallel universe.   19 more words


"Errand of Mercy"- S01E26- 03/23/1967- Stardate 3198.4


That’s really the only important thing to take away from this episode.  Klingons, and warbirds, and sashes! Oh, my! 17 more words


Star Trek - Mirror Mirror

In which, Kirk, McCoy, Scotty and Uhura find themselves on an alternative universe Enterprise, flagship of the morally challenged Empire.

As happens so often in parallel universe stories, we see alternative versions of most of the regular characters (and Kyle). 638 more words


"This Side of Paradise"- S01E24- 03/02/1967- Stardate 3417.3

“I have little to say about it, Captain.  Except that, for the first time in my life, I was happy.” -Spock

Sweet Jesus Star Trek!  Way to end it on a downer! 124 more words


FArFri: Spock by Jonathan A. Reincke

Here’s a beautiful watercolor of Spock by Jonathan A. Reincke  on Deviant Art.  I love the splatter of paint around the edges.

Star Trek

"A Taste of Armageddon"- S01E23- 02/23/1967- Stardate 3192.1

It’s “War Games” except without Matthew Broderick and people actually die.

The Enterprise, on a diplomatic mission to the planet Eminiar VIII is caught up in a 500 year old war being waged between Eminiar and it’s neighbor Vendikar, a simulated war with very real casualties.   115 more words


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