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The language of privacy - will it change?

Today I stumbled across a British privacy report that re-wrote Instagram’s Privacy Policy for teens in non-legalese English. While not commonly a product issue, Terms of Service and Privacy Statements can have an impact on users, especially when they run afoul of them. 602 more words

Data And Privacy

TES Online Shop! (TOS)

Welcome to the official Taipei European School Online Shop!  You can buy everything from PE uniform to regular long black pants you can also sign up for a membership and get discounts for the things that you buy

Taipei European School

Bring on 2017...

This blog is not going to be as exciting or full of pictures like the last one. As mentioned, I went for my Venogram on April 14th. 1,689 more words


E.V.E takes Copyright Laws Seriously!

This morning the E.V.E team came upon an issue that we felt needs to be brought to the attention of all. It is a serious matter about copyright laws, and how they are there not only there for Real Life artists but put in place also to protect artists in the virtual world of Second Life. 801 more words


The March of the Nations for Israel @2018


Initiative of March of Life in partnership with Helping Hand Coalition Global Forum for the MARCH OF THE NATIONS project to mobilize 6 million Christians worldwide – to honor 6 million Jews killed during the Holocaust – commemorating the 70th Israeli Independence Day in May 2018. 177 more words


TigerHeart-NLM TOS

Image Credits : Art by me aka (TigerHeart-NLM on furaffinity.net ) Character is not mine

Hello. i decided not only will i express my thorough opinion of life as a teenager. 448 more words