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ToS: Becoming a Beautiful Rose

Hey Everyone, this is Maurice A. Nigma and I would like to say that I’ve kept my promise and put up my unusual ToS pairing.  It’s Lloyd and Presea.   3,692 more words

Lloyd Irving

ToS: For the Future

Genre: Romance/Drama

Summary: Lloyd and Sheena pondered on the events that got them from being scared to becoming a soon-to-be married couple. (Aftermath of the story Fateful Proposal.) 1,813 more words

Lloyd Irving

Special Supper

Genre: Humor/Family

Summary: Just a regular day for a pregnant Sheena right as she makes a special dinner for herself as well as Lloyd.

Disclaimer: 1,001 more words

Lloyd Irving

Attempting Trek: Miri

This time around Dan finds himself not on Earth, but another Earth! And worse yet this Earth is full annoying kids and a deadly disease that ruins your tan, makes you insane, and kills you for good measure. 32 more words

Star Trek

My Life in 'Trek...

If you know me, you know I have several loves;  T-shirts with obscure references, fresh donuts, Final Fantasy video games, bangin’ Happy Hardcore dance music so offensive only four warriors scattered across the winds of the world possess the constitution to not only stomach it but also dance to it, and somewhere in there are my wife and fur babies (Eleanor RR Moody = dog. 2,194 more words


Hail Yeah - Nyota Uhura

Hail Yeah – Nyota Uhura design

Based on Star Trek The Original Series.

Available here: Hail Yeah on threadless

Star Trek