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Blog post 4: Privacy in a digital world

Two articles and one video are assigned this week. Find them in the Course Schedule and on Ares.

After reading the two articles and watching the complete video (and making notes, as always), your task is to apply what you read to the privacy policy of… 377 more words


Where No Man Has Gone Before: If Mr. Spock Asks You to Kill a God, You Say Yes!

Correct me if I’m wrong: Vulcans are a peaceful and noble race; Vulcans are super-respectful of all life and knowledge; and, a Vulcan would never suggest killing/murder/extermination except as a last resort when absolutely necessitated by the Greater Good. 134 more words

Star Trek

Spontaneous Star Trek - October 5, 2016 - Save the date

(Toronto, Ontario, Canada) For immediate release.

The Dandies return to starbase Social Capital Theatre for an evening of spontaneous Star Trek and variety comedy!

Show: Wednesday, October 5th, 8:00 p.m. 267 more words

Holodeck Follies

This Day in Television History - September 20th, 1968 - Star Trek's "Spock's Brain" Airs

The brain of a crewmember has been stolen by an alien intruder in an episode that aired on this day in history.

“Spock’s Brain” is the first episode of the third season of the original Star Trek series. 166 more words

TV History

Pavel on the Dreievich Site

A title I considered for this post was “Encounter at Burger King,” but it reminds me too much of the TNG pilot (Encounter at Farpoint), and I would never want to parody that disaster of an episode! 420 more words