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First look at Tomb of Sargeras   

First impressions is that this place is enormous!! The rooms are huge and there’s caverns to run through and winding twisting passageways. I can see a lot of getting lost for the first couple of weeks. 914 more words


Nutrition Workshop

Every year, my company dedicates one month to health & wellness. In past years it’s been all about activities or massages.

This year, I suggested a bootcamp, nutrition workshop, blood donor clinic, financial wellness clinics (to reduce stress) in addition to the “Walk the Block” and chair massages. 401 more words

Weight Loss

Atari 1040ST

How do you improve on a good idea? The 1040ST, Atari’s upgraded and enhanced 520ST, has 1Mbyte of RAM and an internal 720K disk drive. Nick Walker considers it to be top of the compatibles chart. 3,132 more words


BF4DB plugin violates EA ToS

After hearing of illegitimate bans and seeing some sketchy stuff related to the BF4DB plugin, I decided to take a look at it and see what it was doing. 441 more words


Storytime: Bloodthirsty Mayor

So, as I already mentioned, I’ve been playing Town of Salem. And I had a really strange occurence in one game.

We had a mayor reveal on the first day (hats off to anyone who knows the signifigance of that). 254 more words