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Author Intro: @Marissupial

In choosing to remain somewhat anonymous in this blog, I will introduce myself simply by my class twitter handle @Marissupial. (Feel free to follow, although I generally only post for class). 426 more words


About us: Crystal Clear

We are four students from the University of Maryland who believe that all companies that collect, maintain and redistribute user data should be crystal clear in their terms of service what information they are collecting and exactly what they will be doing with this information. 44 more words


"Balance of Terror"- S01E14- 12/15/1966- Stardate 1709.2

Das Enterprise!

A wedding on the Enterprise is rudely interrupted when a distress message is received from an outpost along the Romulan Neutral Zone (dun dun duuuuuuuuuuh!   538 more words


"The Conscience of the King"- S01E13- 12/8/1966- Stardate 2817.6

The episode opens with Kirk in a theater on Planet Q (Just Q.  Someone got lazy naming that star system.) watching a a performance of Macbeth with his old friend Tom Leighton, who had summoned Kirk and the Enterprise under the false pretense of having discovered a new synthetic food source capable of eliminating famine.   634 more words


In Memoriam: Leonard Nimoy

Yesterday, the Star Trek family suffered a devastating loss. As you are all aware, Leonard Nimoy passed away at his home due to pulmonary disease. 769 more words

He has lived long and prosper...

A somber note in my blog this time. As you know I’m a huge Star Trek fan, especially of the Original Series. So the news that Leonard Nimoy died yesterday at the age of 83 was a bit of a shock for me. 173 more words

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RIP Leonard Nimoy (Spock) 26.03.1931 - 27.02.2015

Remembering Leonard Nimoy a great talented actor, director and forever Mr Spock 1st officer of the USS Enterprise. LLAP !

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