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ToS How To: FIRST Name Change

Greetings Saviors!

I learned how to change our first name in-game last night. It seems ridiculously obvious now that I know about it, but I had no idea you could actually do it. 162 more words


Quote of the Day

Spock: A time portal, Captain. A gateway to other times and dimensions, if I’m correct.

Guardian: As correct as possible for you. Your science knowledge is obviously primitive.

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Quote Of The Day

Tree of Savior Spring Flower Costumes

It’s like the developers peered into my very soul and divined all that I have ever dreamed of and hoped for in an MMO costume, and then managed to produce the exact opposite in every respect. 38 more words

Tree Of Savior

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.......

Well what can I say after suddenly vanishing after three months? Not a whole lot. I was feeling burnt out/bored and wanted to devote some time to other things. 483 more words


Time of sowing by stubble management interactions at Wemen (Northern Mallee)

By Claire Browne and Jessica Lemon, BCG

Key messages:

  • Time of sowing had a significant effect on yield.
  • There was no interacting effect of the way the stubble was managed and the time of sowing on yield.
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Research Results

Why So Many Accounts Have Been Banned in Tree of Savior

As you know many tree of savior accounts got banned on April 21st 2016, which caused lots of attention among Tree of Savior players. Because they are worried about their accounts got banned suddenly one day without receiving any reason. 734 more words