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TOS Miranda Class, Pt. 05

It’s just one of those days. I have nothing really new to show, but I actually did a lot of work on this thing today. 536 more words


TOS Miranda Class, Pt. 04

Work, work, work.

OK, lots of things here and there. I added some cuts to the back of the saucer for the shuttlebays. I also added trenches to the top for the greebles that will more or less replicate (at lower detail of course) the nurnies that ILM put on the movie version. 79 more words


TOS Miranda Class, Pt. 03

I didn’t like the pod, so I redid it. I also changed the pylons and roll bar.

I’m not entirely happy with the pylons, so I’ll fiddle with them some more.


Star Trek - The Omega Glory

In which the Enterprise crew encounter the USS Exeter, a starship devoid of all its crew. While at first it seems very Marie Celeste, the away team (Kirk, McCoy, Spock and red shirt) discover uniforms all over the place, empty bar a residue of crystals. 536 more words


Star Trek - By Any Other Name

In which the Enterprise encounters members of the Kelvan civilisation, who are determined to go home to the point at which they capture the ship. 122 more words


TOS Miranda Class, Pt. 02

I added the start of the roll bar and pod. I’m not entirely happy with the shape of the roll bar, but I don’t want to do anything too fancy looking. 27 more words


TOS Miranda Class, Pt. 01

So, this is what I’ve been working towards. I wanted to do the nacelle first because I wanted that to match the original Enterprise’s nacelle. The rest, of course, has to all be custom built from either fan plans of similar configurations and from my head. 270 more words