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Here it is......(with some military thoughts/minutiae to boot)

Well folks, here it is – my own take on how I see the Constitution class developing.  It’s been a long time coming, a lot of Saturday mornings/early afternoons at home and Sunday afternoons at my favorite coffee shop after church just plugging away. 464 more words


Star Trek - For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky

In which the Enterprise is fired upon by a spaceship that is disguised as an asteroid and McCoy discovers he is terminally ill with only a year remaining. 465 more words


Tree of Savior 2nd English Beta

Tree of Savior 2nd closed beta possibly going to be happening this month!  I did not make the cut for the 1st beta… I hope to make it this time around! 141 more words


"Obsession" – S02E13 – 12/15/1967 – Stardate 3619.2

Kirk’s white whale is a puffy white hemoglobin sucking cloud.  The solution is, naturally, to blow it up with an antimatter bomb and leave a giant crater on the planet below.   265 more words


"The Deadly Years" – S02E12 – 12/08/1967 – Stardate 3478.2

After a bit of a dud in the last outing of our fearless crew, Star Trek comes back swinging.

An away team, naturally composed of every senior officer on the Enterprise, beams down to Gamma Hydra IV in order to check on a scientific mission.   404 more words


Best Star Trek Captain: Kirk, Picard or Archer???

There have been a great many articles, memes and debate threads in our world centered around the greatest entertainment question of our time.  Namely, which… 1,621 more words

Star Trek

Star Trek - Day Of The Dove

In which the Enterprise team, while investigating a decimated colony, encounter a group of Klingons claiming angrily that Kirk et al struck first. Klingon leader Kang is absolutely adamant about his understanding of the situation. 502 more words