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"I, Mudd"- S02E08- 11/03/1967- Stardate 4513.3

An Enterprise-napping, fembots, and the return of Harcourt Fenton Mudd and all that his return entails.

Harvey Mudd sends an android goon to hijack the Enterprise and its crew.   164 more words


Star Trek - Wolf In The Fold

In which an excursion to a belly-dancing club on Argelius II goes awry when one of the dancers is discovered stabbed in a back alley and Scotty is found nearby, holding a bloody knife. 437 more words


Rick's Star Trek Blog #6: Star Trek Chronology Revised Edition

Contributor: Rick McGimpsey

Awhile ago I posted an exhaustive list of every episode/movie of Star Trek in order of their place on the Star Trek Timeline and for the most part I was satisfied with it. 2,328 more words

Star Trek

"The Doomsday Machine"- S02E06- 10/20/1967- Stardate 4202.9

An alien terminator eats planets for breakfast lunch and dinner.  A starship, however, gives it indigestion.  Good thing there was another one sitting around to shove down its gullet. 16 more words


Release One

This is a PVP Resource Pack, designed to give you an advantage in PVP situations. Similar to the default Minecraft textures. This texture pack makes valuable items more bold, glass more clear, and much more! 138 more words


FArF: Star Trek ala Pixar! by Phil Postma

You know, these might just make a pretty funny Pixar movie!  From artist Phil Postma.  These are really quite brilliant (although I think Spock could have been a bit handsomer) — Kirk definitely has a… 53 more words

Star Trek