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The Authentic Mom Typical Weekly Meal Plan

As you will see, my meals during the day really don’t change. Fruits and veggies are swapped in and out based on what is seasonal. But other than that, dinner and infrequent meals out offer me variety. 293 more words


Say It Ain’t So

I had an extraordinary weekend without doing anything extraordinary. It started off like any other weekend – I woke up, stretched, wiped the sleep from my eyes and lingered in bed, staring at the ceiling making a mental list of all the checkmarks I needed to collect before I crawled back in at the end of the day. 318 more words


The Eat Clean Diet

I loved this diet when I first read the book and saw the girl on the cover. I though wow, if I can look like her and be in that great of shape, I totally can eat clean for the rest of my life! 433 more words


The Omnivore's Dilemma - Part 1

I’m reading The Omnivore’s Deilemma. It’s an eye-opening piece of literature for anyone that likes to eat, especially those that like to eat meat.

But before I get into the book, I wanted to write quickly about the intro. 278 more words


The Eat-Clean Diet Review by WebMD

By Shirley Pittenger

I wanted to follow up last week’s post with a Review of the Eat-Clean Diet by WebMD.  The full review is reposted below from their site.   647 more words


My Recent Lifestye Change Allowed Me to Loose 25 Pounds

By Shirley Pittenger

As you get older your body changes a lot. I found myself at age 40 a little overweight and tired all the time. 258 more words


What should I eat?

Like I said before, I am not a nutritionist by any means, everything I know was simply learned by research and teaching my self. So the question I am asked the most is what should I eat??? 233 more words