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Comedians and the Balance of Power

It is not news to anyone that comedy is slowly becoming the voice of reason in the world. Comedians are our news, political fury, common sense, and mother who gives us advice about our life and bodies. 525 more words

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Tosh Tour 2017

Clemson, SC

Cocoa Beach, FL

Boise, ID

22 shows. 17 states. 25 days. Feels good to be home.

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What's On Tonight: President Trump Addresses Congress And 'Taboo' Meets A Gory End

President Trump’s Address To Congress (ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, 9:00 p.m.) — Well this should be interesting. Donald Trump delivers an address to a joint session of Congress where he’ll try to coherently string words together to form sentences while waving his tiny hands in the air. 518 more words

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Warning: Extreme (But Very Funny) Grossness

Oh, Yuck!

A 10-second video which might be titled “Hubris”, or “Just Hanging Out around the Pool, Thinking of Cool Things to Do.”

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Three Beat Slide is worse than Rebecca Black. And yet I dare you to look away.


What's On Tonight: Lin-Manuel Miranda Gives Us A 'Drunk History' Lesson About Hamilton

Drunk History (Comedy Central, 10:30 p.m.) — The long-awaited Alexander Hamilton-themed episode is finally here. We learn about Hamilton’s duel with Aaron Burr and how his story became a Broadway musical thanks to the creator of said musical, genius singer/songwriter and Twitter guru, Lin-Manuel Miranda. 674 more words

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