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Three Beat Slide is worse than Rebecca Black. And yet I dare you to look away.


What's On Tonight: Lin-Manuel Miranda Gives Us A 'Drunk History' Lesson About Hamilton

Drunk History (Comedy Central, 10:30 p.m.) — The long-awaited Alexander Hamilton-themed episode is finally here. We learn about Hamilton’s duel with Aaron Burr and how his story became a Broadway musical thanks to the creator of said musical, genius singer/songwriter and Twitter guru, Lin-Manuel Miranda. 674 more words


The Word of the Lord

Donald Trump must own Google, too. Or it’s the truth. You decide.



The show is called “Netz-O-Rama”. I’m in the very FIRST episode. It’s fun. It’s mostly in German, mind you. But it’s worth watching to see my a) astonishing German accent (lulz) and b) see me do Shit’s Fucked – German Schlager-style. 28 more words

Just Us Girls

I’m definitely the most talkative in our friend group.

Girl Talk

I'm A Snake...

One Color Gnomes I am not sure what topic led to this discussion, perhaps it was the odd things that have become popular like the One Color Gnomes from a few days ago, or the Kardashian, but I was trying to describe the above video “I’m A Snake”  that was on Tosh.O that Kyle showed me back when it aired in 2010. 355 more words