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I like corn tortillas but have never understood why they are so small. The commercially made ones in my refrigerator aren’t even 6 inches in diameter, barely enough tortilla to fold over a morsel or two.   68 more words


Tostadas with Drunken Beans and a Side of Romance

A coworker of mine loaned me a book because she insisted that I would “absolutely love it!” We discuss books often, and she knows that I will read anything, but I draw the line at romance. 458 more words

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Mexican Chipotle Tuna Tostadas — Traditional Homestyle Mexican Food Recipes | Mexico In My Kitchen

I know… It is not that long time ago we arrived from Mexico. However, I simply miss some delicious “stuff” :-) Like this Chipotle Tuna Tostadas! 93 more words


Green Chili Beef Tostadas

I was at the grocery store earlier this morning and they had a display of tostada shells and diced green chilies. At that point I knew what I was hungry for, thank you HEB. 329 more words

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Restaurant: Cala

Location: San Francisco, California. USA

Dish: Abalone tostada with bonito aoil and trout roe


Tartine Manufactory

Restaurant: Tartine Manufactury

Location: San Francisco, ca. USA

MUST TRY: Steak tartare, Burrata with pistachio, and Nduja smorrebrod


Brisket Tostadas with Black Garlic and Ancho Chilli Salsa

Viva la Mexico, it’s Mexican Monday!

To give this dish some context, I recently travelled to the US for a friend’s wedding in San Diego, and in so doing, came within 20 miles of the Mexican border. 666 more words